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Online casinos have been thriving over the past few years but particularly over the past year where many others have been struggling, and although there have been a huge number of changes seen to many casino services recently for further consumer protection and for the changes in legislation and regulation around the online gambling space, numbers have remained just as big. With new sites popping up all over for different regions including the likes of these Australia online casinos growing, what is it that’s making them so popular?

Ease of access has helped a wider audience – The demographic and audience for mobile gaming in particular has changed over the past decade, with a suggested over 50% of players being above the age of 34 and much more suited to these types of genres. The ability to simply tap the game open and play at convenience rather than travelling what could be longer distances to a land-based option, and with this growing audience looking for different ways to play this ease of access has been key in not only helping mobile gaming popularity as a whole, but also for online casinos in particular.

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Unique gaming options not available offline
– Both experienced and new players alike will always be seeking out ways that make games they’re familiar with or games they’re still new to more exciting, and land-based casinos have always been restricted in this sense by offering more of the same. Online casinos have been able to further develop this space over time offering things like live dealers, the ability to play multiple games at the same time, and in the near future the expansion in to extended reality with virtual and augmented options that are on the horizon and will become quickly available once the tech catches up and enables it.

Growing usage in popular culture – We’ve all seen movies that depict gambling or pictures from our favourite Instagram stars showing a big win, but the recent growth in popularity for online casinos in things like livestreaming have certainly helped with bigger names often pulling in tens of thousands of viewers per session, the change has helped adjust the previous attitudes that may have put gambling in a more negative light, and normalised the usage of online casinos and online gambling as a whole for many, helping growth and helping the popularity aspect too.

Now amongst one of the most popular forms of online entertainment, it doesn’t seem that casinos will be going anywhere but up, and as the audience and demographic of mobile gaming in particular continues to change to those more likely to play, the ability to cater to this newer audience only continues to increase over time also.


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