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While offline gambling around the world has stopped working due to the coronavirus pandemic, the interest in online gambling is growing daily. In Australia, bookmakers offer gamblers alternative betting options in order not to lose their audience in the current situation, and sometimes even attract new customers.

The transformation of sports betting under quarantine conditions

According to the AlphaBeta Internet holding and Illion credit company, which analyzed the situation in the Australian gambling market, the percentage of online bets in the first weeks of quarantine increased by 67%. People are forced to spend all their free time at home and, in addition to the main waste of money on food delivery services, they have begun to engage in online betting more often.

Some gambling operators are launching betting pools on sports such as horse racing, rugby, Australian football because they are held during the quarantine period with certain restrictions, usually without fans in the stands.

TV games and eSports as an alternative to classic sports

In this situation, in order to protect their business from financial shocks, sports betting companies, in addition to the main focus on their websites, offer players additional services: content about slots, TV games, e-sports, virtual sports, etc.

Nevertheless, if in a crisis situation the demand for betting on virtual sports has greatly increased, then it is very difficult to say with confidence about its future prospects after the resumption of standard sports competitions.

Representatives of the Alliance for Gambling Reform are unhappy with the fact that foreign betting companies operating in the Green Continent are getting rich during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given that these bookmakers pay low taxes in Australia.

Nevertheless, bookmakers are not going to give up. They offer even more bet lines. Now you can bet on the price of oil, the growth of the dollar, and so on.

Moreover, COVID-19 has become some kind of boost for the development of online casinos

At the end of March 2020, the government of the country closed all land-based gambling establishments for an indefinite period.

However, not everything is as good as it might seem. Recently, the New South Wales authorities analyzed the impact of gambling on children, and it turned out that one in three teenagers illegally gambled for money in the past year.

The authors of the work also found that more than half of the survey participants gambled in the presence of their parents or guardians. 20% of teenagers did it in front of their grandparents, and another 20% - in the presence of adult relatives.

What's new offered by online betting operators?

In Australia, sports betting operator Sportsbet has come up with a new online betting option for its visitors: for example, anyone can make a forecast for changing weather conditions.

Sportsbet analysts have carefully studied the statistical data provided by the Bureau of Meteorology, identified the hottest and coldest metropolitan areas and offered to place bets on the weather in the capitals of different states on their official page.

And these are not the most offbeat betting lines that appeared on the international bookmaker market after the end of sports in real life.

Nonetheless If you want to be kept informed about all the bet lines and make your first bet or another one, Online Bookmakers Australia will help you to find all the necessary information about bets and betting sites.


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