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Despite the similar name, Australian-based sports bettors should not confuse the African-based sports betting operator with the quality and fully Australian owned and operated WinnersBet platform. A relatively recent addition to the Australian sports betting scene, WinnersBet was launched by experienced and well-known online bookie pioneer Da He in June 2020. As such, WinnersBet Australia is one of the most technologically advanced and easy-to-use betting platforms available in Australia today. Sports betting and horse racing wagering enthusiasts Down Under can check out more reasons how and why the online betting site is so highly regarded in this impartial Winners Bet Review Australia.

However, the rest of the world is catching up to the globally-leading Australian sports betting industry quicky. With the deal going ahead between Pronet Gaming, Winnerbet is beginning to bring to life high-quality sports betting options for users in the African continent that can sit comfortably in quality with the best betting sites Australia has to offer.

Winnerbet aims to catch a younger crowd through innovation

By specialising in providing its customisable platforms for I-gaming operators in developing nations and economies through its unique localisation expertise, Pronet Gaming is empowering Winnerbet to be a game changer in the African sports betting scene.

Recently, a Winnerbet spokesperson announced that the strategic move to utilising Pronet’s platform will help the company reach its full success potential in the African sports betting landscape;

“We are confident in our belief that migrating to Pronet Gaming’s platform will prove to be a winning move as we aim to cement our status as a forward-thinking operator. The sports market in Cameroon (and Africa as a whole) has fantastic growth potential and we can’t wait for our players to engage with such a high-quality and wide range of products.”

Additionally, the Winnerbet team outlined it expects the move to be a win-win for both companies. They expect that Pronet Gaming’s gaming industry contacts with a range of different developers will drive the two gaming companies forward with renewed energy and vigour.

Pronet’s Chief Sales Officer, Colin McDonagh was delighted that a renowned industry leader like Winnerbet choose his company to bring their sports betting offerings to the next level;

“As a platform provider, it’s particularly pleasing when your work in pulling together a strong product portfolio is recognised by an operator looking to accelerate its commercial growth” he began.

It was clear from the outset that Winnerbet was keen to utilise our market-leading product offering across both retail and online and we are delighted to be working with an operator and brand that resonates so strongly for players in Cameroon (and across Africa in general)”, McDonagh concluded.

The announcement of the Winnerbet deal was the second coup for Pronet Gaming within a week. The week prior, the company announced a new partnership with live gaming specialist TVBET which will continue to drive global live betting innovation forward.


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