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The land down under is filled with sunny beaches, breathtaking landscapes, and vast wildlife. It is no wonder that Australia is one of the top tourist destinations for millions of traveler's world over.

Perhaps, you may feel that the country is drawing its tourism through nature's beauty and its wildlife attractions. That is not the case. For the last several years, casinos, gambling, and playing pokies has been their main tourist attraction.

The casino industry, both malls, and online games are booming here. Both locals and tourists globally, love to come down to Australia and try their hand in pokies. In this post, we will briefly discuss some of the reasons why casino tourism in Australia is booming.

Reasons for casino tourism in Australia surging ahead.

The casinos pay your tax.

As good as it sounds, your casino pays the tax for you. In the land down under, players do not have to shed any flab of their winnings. You get to keep all your rewards. Gambling in Australia is legal.

However, it cannot be taxed because gambling and playing pokies is not a profession. Hence, it cannot be taxed. As a player, you certainly do not want your hard-earned rewards and winnings dwindled due to taxes.

If you are in Australia and playing on an online Australian casino or casino mall, you get to keep everything to yourself. Unfortunately, casino owners and the management have to take care of the taxes on behalf of the players because they own the business.

It helps the economy of the country.

Apart from tourism, most of the revenue is gained from playing pokies and gambling. The government, over the years, have realized the potential of the gambling and casino industry. These companies have put a lot of effort into gaining new customers, for example, websites in New Zealand offer 10 NZD free (10 free no deposit) opportunities to their customers in order to stand out. Hence, they have made laws that are lax when it comes to gambling.  

Of course, casino malls and Australian online casinos ensure that the players are above 18 years and play responsibly. It is done with the help of payment methods that limit the money spend on casinos.

The casino offers several features.

Most of the casino malls in Australia are multi-functional. In a sense, they not only come with casino slots and machines, but also provide players with entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and bars facilities.

In this way, more tourists and local players are encouraged to spend some time in the casino malls. The Crown Casino that is located in the city of Melbourne hosts more than 10 million tourists and locals per year.

It is one of the most popular casinos in the world. Of course, most of the cities in Australia have their casino malls and provision for playing online casinos.

They are located strategically.

You can find most of the casino malls located in popular localities in the cities. In a sense, the Crown Perth is next to the Swan riverbank. The Swan riverbank is a popular sight-seeing place with hundreds of walkers and joggers using it.

Other casino malls are located near famous beaches giving tourists an excellent view and breathtaking views.

For many tourists who come down to Australia to gamble, feel very much at home. It is not surprising that they prefer Australia as a country to gamble and Australian online casinos. It is heartening to note that Australians have taken an active part in ensuring that the casino industry grows steadily for the betterment of the economy of the country.


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