Hugh Jackman revealed as Australia’s ultimate ‘tooth crush’

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Takes the toothy crown on World Smile Day

    Hugh Jackman is Australia’s ultimate ‘tooth crush’, officially boasting the most popular smile in the country

    Almost 80% of Aussies don’t replace their toothbrush regularly — ewww

    The majority of Aussies think using their partner’s toothbrush is gross, yet one in five have done it before

Sydney, Australia, Friday, 6 October — Hugh Jackman may have taken Hollywood by storm, but Aussies just want him to crack that Hollywood smile. The national hero, heart throb, and all-round nice guy has officially been crowned the country’s ultimate 'tooth crush' on World Smile Day, followed closely by Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie.  

But if they want to achieve The Boy From Oz’s pearly whites, Aussies need to brush up on their dental care. A whopping 79 per cent of Aussies admit to finding themselves using an old, worn-out toothbrush, and not replacing it anywhere near as regularly as dentists recommend.

The survey, released by eco-friendly, beautifully designed, toothbrush subscription Toothcrush, also reveals that more than half (58 per cent) of Australians think that using their partner’s toothbrush is ‘gross’, yet one in five (20 per cent) have done it before (we’re not judging…okay, maybe just a little).

Toothcrush founder, Annabel Hurman, said: "Being a Kiwi startup, we know all too well Aussies like to claim our talent as their own — Lorde, Russell Crowe... but when it comes to tooth crushes, it appears genuine home-grown pearly whites are still the preference.

"We launched Toothcrush in Australia recently to make the morning brush a little more fun, colourful, convenient and eco-friendly. On World Smile Day, we're excited to be able to award the inaugural Toothy Crown to Hugh Jackman."

Dr Lewis Ehrlich, of Sydney Holistic Dental, said:

"As time goes on the bristles become less effective, so it’s important to replace your toothbrush with a new one. If you are after a healthy smile, I recommend brushing in gentle circular motions with a soft bristle head to maintain the integrity of the bristles. Gentle brushing will also reduce the likelihood of stripping the gums, which can lead to gum recession and sensitivity.”

Hopefully, Dr Lewis Ehrlich (AKA Australia's McDreamy dentist) advice will be taken seriously — or Aussie gums are at serious risk of disappearing. A startling 55 per cent of us are using a medium or hard bristled toothbrush, which is known to be damaging to teeth and gums. Only 16 per cent of people are brushing their teeth ‘gently’ like they should.

Do better Australia. Do it for Hugh.

About Toothcrush

Toothcrush is a beautifully designed, eco-friendly bamboo handled toothbrush subscription. Each Toothcrush brush is made with a bamboo handle and the lusciously soft bristles come in a kaleidoscope of colours, so pretty you’ll want to show everyone what’s going on behind closed (bathroom cabinet) doors.
So, how does it work?

    Sign up to Toothcrush

    Choose if you’re flying solo, or ordering for a brood (they come in kids sizes too!)

    Pick whether you want a new brush monthly or bi-monthly

    Done. It’s that simple!

One-year subscriptions start from just $42 including free shipping anywhere in Australia.

*Survey based on responses from 549 people on Toothcrush's Facebook page

A fresh new concept in toothbrushing. Toothcrush is a beautifully designed, eco-friendly bamboo handled toothbrush sent right to your door every month. One-year subscriptions start from just $42 including free shipping anywhere in Australia.

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