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It was much later in the 19th century that women started competing in sports. It was only later that sports facilities were created for women and competitions were held for them. However, currently, women participate in swimming competitions more as compared to men. There are around 5500 female swimming coaches in Australia, which is more than men. The Australian Swimming Championships is held annually in Australia, which is held in long and short course pools.

In recent years it has become a trend for sportspeople to wear activewear instead of traditional sportswear. It is recommended for female swimmers to wear ethical activewear in Australia. Different high-end brands have launched and roped infamous world record holder swimmers to endorse their activewear collection.

  1. Libby Trickett

Lisbeth Trickett is a famous Australian swimmer who has set quite a few world records in the 100-meter freestyle swimming. It was in 2003 that the world got to see this Australian swimmer rising to fame when she won her first national title in 50- meter freestyle. Her winning debut in international competition on 100-meter freestyle was another feather in her cap. Later in Barcelona, she won two bronze medals at the Federation Internationale de Nation (FNA).

Since then she never looked back and has been winning many competitions. She earned five gold medals including three individuals at the FNA world championships in 2007. The next year in Beijing Olympics she set another record for the 100-meter freestyle in about 52.88 seconds, which earned her two individual medals. Cricket took brief retirement in the year 2009 but returned in the 2002 Olympics as a member of Australia’s 4 x100 meter freestyle relay team. She maintained her winning streak and won a gold medal for it.

  1. Petria Ann Thomas

Petra Thomas is another prominent name in the Australian swimming scene. She is not only a gold medalist but also a recipient of fifteen national titles. In the majority of her career, Susie O'Neill overshadowed her, but it didn't shatter her confidence, and she managed to embark on her name. In 1998 she won silver medals in Sydney, and since then she never looked back. It was in 2004 that she swam with injury in her shoulders and won silver in the 200-metre butterfly and then with other swimmers 100meter relay too.

  1. Leisel Jones

Leisel is one of the most famous female Australian swimmers. She was the first one who qualified for the Olympic Games four times. There she won nine medals, including three gold, five silver, and one bronze. She holds fourteen individual world records, seven world championship titles, ten Commonwealth Games Gold medals, and 23 Nation titles. It was in Beijing 2008 Olympic where she won individual Olympic gold in relay and silver in the 200-metre breaststroke. She took retirement after her fourth Olympic Games in London, which was in 2012. Although Leslie was a part of controversies in the 2012 London Olympic Games her shining moment was that she won a silver medal in 4x100 meter medley relay.

  1. Cate Campbell

Cate Campbell made her name at a tender age of sixteen when she won two bronze medals at the 2008 Beijing Games. She has been representing Australia since then. She has been a participant of three Olympic Games, two Commonwealth Games, three World Championships and three Pan Pacific Championships. At the age of 25, she holds a world record in 100 meters of freestyle swimming. In 2018 in Pan Pacsa Tokyo she participated and won with the band claiming five gold medals. Campbell's total of gold medals in swimming currently is 18.

  1. Alicia Coutts

It was in 2008 Olympic Selection Trials when n Alicia came into notice after swimming magnificently and claimed her place in the Olympic team. In Beijing Olympic Games 2008 she managed to finish as a fantastic fifth. It was two years later in 2010that she rose to international fame after winning five gold medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

In 2010 Commonwealth Games and Pan Paco she won two relay silver bronze medals and a bronze in the 100-meter butterfly. Coutts also carried the Australian flag at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony and was also named Telstra Australian Swimmer of the Year. In London 2012 she won whopping five medals including a bronze in 100 meters butterfly. She is one of the three Australian swimmers who have won five medals in a single Olympic Games.

  1. Jessicah Schipper

Jessica made her debut in 2003 2003 in World Aquatics Championship in Barcelona where she represented Australia. In her debut, she won a bronze medal as part of the 4x100 meter medley relay team. A year later she earned a gold medal in the same category. In 2005 at the World Aquatics Championship she won a silver medal in the 200-meter butterfly, the game went into controversy later on.

In Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Schipper won two bronze medals as individual and gold in the 4x100 meter medley relay team. In 2012 Olympic Games Shipper qualified for the 100 and 200-meter butterfly events but later got eliminated in 100 meters.

  1. Susan O’Neill

O'Neill is nicknamed as "Madame Butterfly". She competed at the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games embarking her name in each game. She is amongst three female swimmers of Australia who won a total of eight medals. She won bronze in Barcelona in 1992. After four years in 1996, she won silver and bronze in Atlanta. During the decade from 1990 -2000 she won a medal at every international competition. Her career-best performance was in 1999 World Championships where she won the 200 meters and broke the 19 years old world record of Mary T. Meagher. In 2000 Sydney Olympics her career ended when she won the 200-meter butterfly race unexpectedly. O’Neill was the unbeaten Australian swimmer for six years who won gold in successive Olympics. Later she was elected to the IOC Athletes’ Competitors, from which she resigned in 2005 citing her family obligations.


Swimming is a very popular sport in Australia. It is one of those sports which interests men and women both. Women in Australia not only take swimming professionally, but a large number of them also swim as a part of a workout regime. Australian female swimmers have made a good name in this sport. Fanny Durak was the first Australian woman who won a gold medal in the 1912 Olympic Games, later on, Lili Beaurepaire joined the league and ever since a lot of women have taken their path and made good names after winning a different medal in various games.


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