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Our feet are the foundation for our bodies and their health can affect many aspects of our lives. By appropriately caring for our feet after injury or as a matter of prevention, we can enjoy life to the fullest. There are a range of products which correct alignment and gait such as
footbeds, orthotics, orthotic insoles, shoe inserts and arch supports. Here are 3 ways orthotics from a store like Footlogics can improve your health.

1.  Your posture will improve

When we walk with over-pronation – when our feet roll inwards – the whole body is put out of balance. It's difficult to stand up straight and tall when the legs are rotating inwards and the pelvis tilts forward. Naturally, this can lead to a variety of issues associated with poor posture, including lower back and shoulder pain. When our feet are corrected with products like shoe inserts, the natural alignment of the spine is restored and pain can very quickly fade away. This means that you will gradually stop slouching, rolling your shoulders forward or hunching your back, as there will be minimal or no pain standing in the way of standing up properly.

2.  You will exercise better and prevent further injury

Intense exercises such as running and jogging generally require special shoes be worn to protect the feet and absorb shock. However, sometimes these shoes can have default inserts that cushion but don’t correct the alignment of the feet. Shock absorption is effective at preventing injury while running, but only if the feet are not rolling inwards or outwards with each step. This can cause a great amount of pain and possibly even serious injury to the knees, calves and back. In addition, the likelihood of rolling over on one's ankles is dramatically increased. Testing your feet at a local athletic shoe store to ascertain where you use too much pressure or roll your feet can assist you with picking an appropriate orthotic insole to prevent injury while staying healthy.

3.  Your existing pain will be drastically reduced

There are many aches and pains that can come directly from the feet, even if the feet themselves are not sore. Pain in the lower back can arise from rolling the feet inwards as discussed earlier, while poor posture resulting from bad shoes and an unnatural spinal alignment can seriously hurt the neck and shoulders. Unsurprisingly, pains such as aching and tired legs, ankle pain, heel pain and other foot pain often come from improper gait and spinal alignment. The best way to combat all of these types of pain is to assess your current gait and correct with whichever orthotic insoles suit your situation the best.

Regardless of your type of pain or level of activity, taking care of your feet will assist you in taking care of your entire body. By building a strong foundation, your health will improve overall. Just remember: speaking with an expert is the best first step towards getting the right footwear for your needs.

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