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According to Camila De Cordova, a fashion journalist from Reviewbox, “Mexican fashion is a great place to find new inspiration and fashion ideas you can steal and incorporate into your everyday fashion. Mexican fashion uses a lot of bright, vividly coloured patterns, prints, and textiles and represents the cultures significant and unique style.”

Fashion is all about taking inspiration from many different countries and cultures, and finding your own unique style that complements your personality. If you are still experimenting with different styles then check out these Mexican inspired outfits.

Mexican Inspired Outfits

Mexican clothes are created and inspired by an appreciation for bold colours and care taken to create the item of clothing.

Your clothing choices affects your self-image more than you know. So, if you’re thinking of adapting new styles or looking for some inspiration, check out these Mexican inspired outfits that you need to try. These clothes will show the world that you’re confident and bold.

An obvious way to adapt the Mexican style is by wearing the types of clothes that are worn in the country. There are various different specific fashion styles that are traditional to the country.

For example, you might think about wearing or creating your own Tehuana dress or skirt. Famously adopted by the artist Frida Kahlo, these dresses and skirts are known for being flamboyant and still remain a garment of clothing that Mexican people identify their culture with.

Or you might think about getting a Rebozo, which are items of clothing that cover the head or body. Rebozo garments are usually made from cotton, wool, or silk.

Huipils are another popular Mexican garment. The Huipil is a like a sleeveless tunic. Similar to many cultures around the world, the huipil may have a distinctive design on it which can reveal which community the wearer belongs to.

Alternatively, you might choose to base your style preferences off of the Aztec clothing that is common in Mexico. These garments are usually loose fitting and colourful. Did you know that traditional Aztec clothing was generally made out of cotton, or ayate fiber which was made from Maguey Cactus?

Traditional Aztec clothing used a large range of coloured dyes because of their vast trading network. This is why in Mexican fashion you’ll see a whole range of bright and bold colours.

Mexican Designers

There are many Mexican designers who influence the fashion world and provide incredible fashion knowledge into the industry. If you are looking for some pointers on how to do fashion, then check out these very talented Mexican designers.

Kris Goyri creates designs that incorporate interesting silhouettes, vibrant colours, and minimal lines. Whilst Pineda Covalin creates designs that combine indigenous Mexican and contemporary art. Pineda Covalin uses bright colours and patterns to create a seemingly beautiful look.

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