• Written by Alison Hassel

The breathtaking scenery of South Australia takes center stage in Australian fashion label Witchery's new Spring/Summer 2016 campaign.

The State's rugged beauty provided a dramatic backdrop for the season's new campaign 'Into the Wild', which celebrates women who dare to run wild with a collection made to empower and inspire.  

Shot on location in the Gawler Ranges, the spectacular and sparse shot locations included the vast salt flats of Lake Sturt and the Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safari luxury camp, south-east of Wudinna, as well as the silvery blue-green fields of salt bush.

South Australia offers a broad range of experiences, promising to connect experience seekers closer to their passions. Whether it's food and wine, nature or culture, South Australia is a place to immerse oneself in authentic and once in a lifetime experiences.

For those looking to embark on their own outback adventure and follow in the footsteps of one of Australia's leading fashion brands, the Gawler Ranges is best experienced through local experts Geoff and Renee Scholz who have operated nature-based tours in the region since 1988.

Visitors to the Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safari's Kangaluna Camp will be transported into a rich, rugged environment that is home to many animals and over a hundred bird species that frequent the area.

The open mallee woodland camp features self-contained luxury safari tents and the truly unique 'Swagon', a renovated covered wagon with a high-end swag bed where visitors can gaze at the stars all night long. Recycled materials were used to create the common room, dining area and furniture within the tents, giving it a unique and tasteful rustic look.

The Gawler Ranges, which was formed by volcanic activity more than 1.5 billion years ago, is fit for explorers of the wild with a diverse range of experiences that take in the extraordinary contrasting outback colours of red sands, rocky gorges like the Organ Pipes, sparkling blue skies and the glistening white salt flats of Lake Gairdner and Lake Sturt.  

The region is also home to Australia's seafood frontier which offers the freshest and tastiest seafood in the whole country, including Southern Rock-lobster, Coffin Bay Oysters, abalone and an abundance of fish species.

The rich environment offers experiences with some of South Australia's amazing aquatic wildlife. Swim with dolphins and friendly sea lions or for the thrill seeker at heart, the opportunity to cage dive with Great White Sharks - the only place in Australia that offers up close and personal experiences with the ocean's ultimate predator.   

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