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Eggs are easily the most nutritious of all known food types. You will find proteins, minerals and vitamins in the yolk as well as the white. In fact, the yolk also contains essential fatty acids and cholesterol. For this reason, many nutritionists and food experts refer to eggs as the perfect food.

A single egg contains a little bit of almost all the nutrients we need. The fact that they contain so many nutrients has led to scientists cautioning people on daily consumption of eggs for fear of developing weight related complications.

Examples of nutrients found in large amounts are Vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B12, Selenium and Phosphorus. There are also moderate amounts of Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Zinc and calcium. Each egg comes with 77 calories, 6 protein grams and 5 healthy fat grams.

Eggs provide rare Dietary Benefits

While these locally available foods are high in cholesterol, they do not negatively affect blood cholesterol. In fact, an egg contains 212g of cholesterol. Interestingly, this dietary cholesterol does not affect cholesterol of the blood. You see, the human liver produces cholesterol. When you obtain a lot from diet, the liver produces just a little, effectively evening out the amounts.

Many people are not even aware that they need a nutrient called choline. Unlike other animal proteins, choline is easily available in eggs and is usually associated with vitamins. Its role is to build or repair cell membranes as well as producing the brain’s signal molecules.

Studies suggest that more than half of the world population consume less than the recommended portions of choline. If only they would embrace the consumption of eggs, as a single egg can supply 100 mg.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are two of the most important nutrients for preventing loss of sight. As people grow old, these nutrients are depleted in the body. Eggs provide the remedy. Additionally, you can reduce the likelihood of eye cataracts and macular degeneration when you ingest these antioxidants.

Eggs are natural and should be on everyone’s diet

Man has domesticated fouls for many decades now. This is perhaps no reason why people should lack a steady supply of eggs in their diets. These proteins are easily the most affordable nutrients from animals. They are cheaper than beef, fish, pork, milk, cheese and other dairy products.

There are perhaps more ways of cooking eggs than there is for any other food. While you can fry them, boiling, sandwiching and incorporating them to bread are alternatives. This prevents the likelihood of being fed up and increases your intake. Further, there is mayonnaise, hollandaise and other innumerable recipes from different parts of the world of preparing egg delicacies.

With these sources of healthy nutrients so easily and locally available, humans should get rid of the common diseases that are caused by protein deficiency. This is especially true in developing countries. Learn how to include more eggs in your diet. For example, select the best eggs from omega-3 enriched varieties, indigenous chicken, quails and ducks among other domestic fowl. After all, they all reduce the risk of stroke and other common ailments.


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