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  • Written by Cara Barilla Educational Columnist and journalist

The traditional home life would normally consist of a man going off to work to gain the family income whilst the mother would stay at home and work amid the household duties and utilising home support being "mum".

However, amongst today's ever so colourful and diverse society we are vividly surrounded by one of the most progressive countries in the world, creating new generational boundaries within the home life.

More women in today's Australian society work from home whilst still raising the children thus sustaining a double income to break the financial burden. The males lifestyle isn't necessarily tampered with, although the financial standard of gain had evidently Risen. As everyone's family household grows more men under the age of 50 feel a financial burden and tend to work longer hours. The primary question is; "do dads get all of the fun?"

In a circumstance of no routine alteration the men don't feel a change in this aspect. Although it is increasingly more common that the fathers are taking paternity leave whilst the higher income earner can return to work.

Statistics reveal that the mothers world always changes: In a situation of breastfeeding many natural motherly routines can increasingly fall out of place due to work. Numerous women in today's generation have admitted that their Breastmilk has slowed down or even stopped due to "work related intrusions" which may also lead to additional stress, post natal depression, anxiety and guilt. Many housewives of today feel more pressure to fulfil "precision" in household duties as they no longer fulfil a financial targets; for example;  trying to balance house cleaning Each day, washing and ironing, dinner to be ready, and on top of that raise a child which may include inconsistent sleeping patterns. This may result in physical and mental imbalance for many women.

What about the dads feelings: Many men in 2017 have increased levels of stress, anxiety, depression and anger management issues. Many have progressed after having Children. This may be due to raising financial homelife standards, excessive changes in lack of personal leisure time (as many men may have to work overtime to fulfil financial goals) and the never-ending errands ran for their partners; for example: picking up groceries, sourcing baby medicine and last minute baby related errands to bring home to the family. Evidently the new term "PND" has been casually thrown to the opposite sex.

Does it get better than this: In times of dramatic change, financial hardship, stress on both parental roles and the high standards of today's society it is important to balance off your Professional, social life and self wellness with professional and self help. Maintaining balance, sustaining a healthy diet and not confiding in abusive substances such as alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs is crucial at this stage. Grounding your self and maintain inner strength and security by taking self help seminars, seeking out help from friends, loved ones, and using Professional services such as a cleaner, nanny, financial planner, psychologist or counsellor every couple of months can assist in taking off the burden and create a healthy and steady homelife. Stepping outside of the household everyday is important for your minds wellness, going for outings, long walks and soft exercise can assist in releasing tension.

What can the dads personally do to feel more grounded?

A healthy male weekly get together is crucial to sustain a healthy balance of social and family time. This would evidently remove the burden from homelife. Seeking a new hobby or contact sport is healthy for dads. An additional hour with friends in contact sports, get togethers, socialising in the gym or a friends house can help ground a dad and make him appreciate his family more so without feeling much pressure.

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