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Dealing with law matters is fraught with complexity. When situations of divorce, adoption, custody and settlements are put before the court, people’s lives and livelihoods are literally put on the line.

This is not a time to cut corners or hope that the system will work in your favour.

Here is where a certified and professional firm steps into the breech to ensure that their client’s interests are met.

In an environment where services are promoted with such propensity as they do in Sydney, it can be almost impossible to decipher which organisations are undertaking their due diligence. That is before cost and transparency is discussed, something that can be a breaking point between lawyer and client.

So who can you trust when it is your livelihood put before the court? Here we will examine the points of expertise for family lawyers in Sydney.


From the Southern Suburbs to the Northern Beaches and the Far West - family lawyers in Sydney will be well versed in the breakdown of relationships. Sometimes a prenuptial agreement will be included to ensure the process is fairly cut and dry, but in most instances this will not be a factor. Discussions and negotiations will be required between the two parties and it is these events where an experienced professional will be worthy of the investment to fight your corner.

Financial Disputes

Battling over assets and money left behind in wills is a messy business. Family lawyers in Sydney that have sat at those meetings will be well versed in the tactics that offer the best result for their client as they sift through the information and lay groundwork for arguing their particular case. This is an area that should not be left for the client to fight on their own behalf with so much at stake.

Domestic Violence

Cases of abuse, neglect and violence must take urgent priority in a court of law, positioning the best family lawyers in Sydney as the chief protectors for domestic victims that require council. From restraining orders to sentencing and beyond, a solicitor whose mode of operation is to deal with these situations on a weekly basis is paramount to protecting the physical and mental health of their client.

De Facto Relationships

Establishing a de facto relationship is not always a challenge that the average solicitor is equipped to deal with. Family lawyers in Sydney that can prove the existence of a domestic relationship have an added advantage as they can trace a connection between two former partners, whether they are of the same sex or not.

Child Support and Custody

It is incumbent on family lawyers in Sydney to ensure that the children of the spouses are not neglected and this is where an experienced operator justifies their fee. From managing a shared custody process and issuing child support payments, it is paramount for the benefit of the child that a solicitor not only has the interests of their client in mind, but that of the wider picture and those affected by a legal battle.


Lawyers and trust are two terms that rarely, if ever, go together. Firms have a reputation for being invested in their own bottom line first and their client second, even though that should not be applied across the board.

What should be acknowledged from these organisations is that they will operate in a fair, open and ethical process to ensure that those involved are not used and abused against the system. That is how the client can differentiate between the quality family lawyers in Sydney and those who are simply out to seek profit from people in stress and despair.



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