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It’s that time of year again when the weather has turned chilly, everybody is putting out their favourite jackets and pulling out their warm blankets from the back of their cupboards. Around this time is also when people are having difficulty deciding between a wood and gas fireplace. With so many different options available nowadays it can be hard picking the best one for your family.

Wood burning heaters have been around long before gas heaters. Humans have been using them since they discovered that fire helps you keep warm. Since those very early days, these heaters have come a long way in safety and aesthetics. Nothing beats stacking the wood and then lighting it to create the perfect winter ambiance. A wood-burning heater with glass doors helps keep smoke and ash from filling up the area and also keeps everyone safe. There is no possibility of a forlorn coal dropping onto a carpet and catching fire.

These heaters also look beautiful, especially if you’re opting for a style that looks like it’s straight from a movie. You will love coming home and lighting it only to enjoy the look and heat of it while drinking a cup of hot chocolate.

With a closed wood fireplace, you will be using a lot less wood which in turn is very good for the environment. You can opt to save up on wood during the summer and spring before winter rolls around so you will be saving resources and be considered eco-friendly.

The wood heating fireplace is easy to maintain once you’ve gotten used to it, only needing a cleaning after a few fires. All you have to do is sweep up the ash and throw it away.

Gas heaters have also come a long way and are considered very safe nowadays.

Gas fireplaces tend to have a broader range of styles, so the possibility of finding a look that you really like is highly likely. From heaters mounted to the wall or more old school looking styles, you will most probably have a harder time deciding on what look you want.

These heaters are cheaper than the traditional wood fireplace which means you can splurge on a real looker. Gas fireplaces are also easier to install and maintain in the long run as it does not create any ash or dust. The fact that you won’t have to clean out any chimneys once or twice a year, which can sometimes cost a pretty penny. The only extra cost is when you have some to do a check-up on your gas heater to make sure there are no leaks and that everything is working properly.

Even though the initial costs can be quite a bit, it is a lot cheaper in the long run.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference. One does not necessarily trump the other. If you prefer the old school look and feel of a wood fireplace then that is what you should purchase, and if you prefer switching your fireplace on with a switch then you should definitely go for the gas fireplace.

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