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In this diversified world, there are people with diverse abilities. The label of disabling does not mean that a person is unable to do things. They have some hidden abilities residing inside them. Disability means a person is bounded to walk, sense or perform other activities because of physical or mental issues. A person with such disability has to face many challenges as they cannot lead their life as a normal person lives. Due to this, they might feel sometimes abandoned as they cannot bear the load of this fast-growing world.

Every day, when we look around us, many people are either born with disabilities, or any incident caused them to disable. Being disable makes a person special as compared to normal people, as they can see things with a new perception.

Every country has regulated opportunities for people with disabilities. As a disabled person, it is very hard to find a job that perfectly fits you. For this, many countries are trying to manage to disable people with jobs that perfectly suits them. Disability employment services are provided to help people accessing a job for their earning. At work Australia provides disabled people with a platform to find jobs according to their comfort and ease. By doing this, people with disability can also contribute their valuable time for the country's betterment and success, and also to earn their living.

Disability Employment Service:

For accessing disability employment services, you must first refer yourself to a Disability Employment Service (DES) provider. These agencies are Non-Profitable Organizations, which works for the disable people and support them to prepare themselves for sustainable employment.

These organizations have further categorized into two services.

  1. Disability Management Service:

The first one is the Disability Management Service (DMS). This helps the people in accessing short term employment because of some temporary injury or illness.

  1. Employment Service Support:

This service supports people with a permanent disability. The Employment Service Support (ESS), assists those people who are suffering from permanent disability and finds a workplace that is convenient for them to work.

Many of such people face issues while approaching to Disability Employment service provider. For this here are some steps you can take, on approaching your Disability Employment Service provider.

  1. Select the service:

The first step for accessing the Disability Employment Service is to select the appropriate service and a reliable provider. If you think you are suffering a permanent disability, then you must opt for the long term employment assistance. And if your disability is temporary and can be cured, then you must go for the interim employment service.

  1. How are you perfect for the service?

For deserving the best support, you must fulfill the criteria set by the country’s government. Like this service is only for the people having a disability. The applicant's age must be above the minimum working age and can work eight or more hours per week. Along with this, you must have clarified all the assessments that make you perfect for your future job. Standing perfectly on this criteria makes you deserve good job assistance.

  1. Training Programs:

If you are meeting the above criteria, then the next step is to make you aware of your job environment and support you for that. For this, training and awareness sessions are conducted in which applicants are trained and assisted in finding the job that is suitable according to your capacity. Some, Disability Employment Service provider charge you fees for their assistance and support while some voluntarily help you in finding the best job you deserve along with proper training and support. These training will prepare you to analyze your area of expertise and encourage you to prepare yourself for the next step.

  1. Assessments:

Now, that you have provided by the training and session on how to work in your job environment effectively, it is time to be assessed so that your Disability Employment Service provider can find a suitable job for you to work. Tests and Assessments based on intelligence and skills will be carried out. Your DES provider will also asses your performance for different task practically, to select your desired work environment. The results extracted, are then compared with job descriptions and place you in that work environment that you desired for, considering your skills and experience to carry out tasks effectively.

  1. Apply for the job:

After clearing all the training and assessments, now it is time to apply for the job that is good for you to work in. For that, your DES provider will support you in writing your CV and help you in developing your communication skills. Disability Employment Service provider will now assist you for your job interview and prepare you according to the job requirement. This means that your DES provider will help you practice in visualizing your interview environment and prepare you in building confidence upon your weaknesses to work with that.

Therefore, if you are disabled and possess ambition in your life, then this article will help you to find your potentials. There are many reliable Disability Employment Service provider that helps you in developing your strengths. Training and assessments will help you become self-reliant and earn form your skills and intelligence. It has been witnessed that disable people have some special hidden abilities that need to be identified. The Disability Employment Service has helped these people identifying their inner abilities and nurture them so that they can be self-reliant and example for the world.

Let us take a famous example of Stephen Hawking, despite being disabled he utilized his time for a good cause to this world and discovered some hidden secrets of this universe. The reason behind this is his determination to live. He converted his weaknesses into his strengths and proved himself in front of this world that, disability gives a person, a chance to see his life full of purposes.


So, avail your opportunity and find the best job that suits perfectly. Do not worry if you are handicapped, and there may have a hidden quality inside; you just have to find it out and make it your strength. If you have any kind of disability that you cannot overcome or heal, you must not lose hope. Make that disability your strength and value yourself. Do not isolate yourself just because you are disabled, think and ask yourself, and you are not disabled but differently able. This means you have your other abilities find the prominent one and work on it, approach your DES provider for assistance and support so that you can make your remarkable contributions to this world.

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