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  • Written by Cara Barilla

There are so many ways in our life which we can take certain precautions for baby, infant and child household and outdoor accidents; though in this day and age we are living in Such a fast paced environment where the parents of the household seem to multi task and miss the important quality details of single tasking.
Accidents can occur when we are not looking, when we leave certain items around the house or have an untidy or unhygienic home, where other siblings are left with the infant unattended or if there is emotional & physical imbalance.

How can we maintain and sustain a healthy safe nurturing environment for our little ones?

De clutter - by removing all unwanted items in your home and removing unpredictable items which you may or may not have seen in a while and do not serve a purpose; you are minimising risks of choking, swallowing dangerous items and preventing contact to danger. Keep your floor clean, all surfaces tidy and all unnecessary objects put away.

Childproof - if you have sharp edges in your home for instance the dining or coffee table , sculptures and other floor  art. We are lucky in Sydney to have specialised child proofing inspectors which you can hire. The inspector will come to your home and write down all of your hazards and what to do to prevent accident.

Baby monitors - if you decide you need to multi task for work for instance; working in your home office, cooking, cleaning etc it's crucial to still have your little one monitored to prevent unpredictable accidents. Installing home baby monitors or mobile baby monitors are an effective way to hear & see your little one and monitor their behaviour, temperature and sounds.

Never leave the cooking / stove unattended - regardless of you have an electric or gas oven; it's simply dangerous to leave hot and fire activated appliances unattended. Your little one is forever curious, learning about the world and adventurous. At a blinds eye, left unattended there are major risks for severe burning and life risks.

Keep all electricity maintained - protect your children from electricity with power point protectors and covers. Children are very creative and even if their parents say "no" they still are curious for more play. In order to protect your children from electrical danger, close off all of your electrical devices when not in use, and block away all power points.

Keep your eyes on your children at all times - it may be hard to always be on the look out for your bubs safety, having baby monitors installed is an effective way to prevent the risk of a household accident. If you are unable to be in sight of Bub or the monitor, ask a loved one or support to help. Playpens are an effective and safe way to keep your Bub safe and you can move the Pen around your home.

Don't take risks - if you feel you are prone to cut corners in your life, it's best not to when it comes to the life and wellbeing of your little one. Always take all safety measures as you never know when your corner cutting would be inlined with bad timing for an accident to occur

Maintain a hygienic environment - always keep all surfaces clean with detail, natural tea tree, eucalyptus, dettol, and other baby safe product will endure you have a child safe atmosphere. This will prevent rashes, poison, foreign objects and harmful bacteria to be in contact of your Bub.

Don't overwhelm your children - try to keep your household more decluttered of unwanted, hazardous objects which aren't practical. The less objects that are around the child the less risks and accidents would occur.

Follow the manufacturers instructions on toys and equipment - it's crucial to follow manufacturers instructions and avoid cutting corners. It's important that quality is more safe than saving time. For your baby's sake this will prevent injury, choking, drowning and poisonous accidents.

Keep all medicine stored away - ensure all of your medicines are high up and locked away to prevent poison injuries from occurring.

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