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Hair extensions are a great way to get thicker, longer hair in an instant but to ensure that you can enjoy your new hair for as long as possible, there are a few things you need to do.

How to care for your hair extensions


You need to wash your hair extensions as regularly as you would your natural hair, preferably twice a week. Remember to be as gentle as possible, especially around the bonds. It’s also always best to keep your head up when washing it too. Always use products that are free from parabens and sulfates to protect your hair extensions.


Never rub your hair extensions, always squeeze and pat the hair dry. Once you’ve arranged the strands, you can gently brush them before you start drying. Start drying your hair from the roots, moving onto the shaft and the tips. A better option is if you only dry your hair slightly and then allow it to air dry.


Top quality Jadore clip in hair extensions never matt and tangle but they still need to be brushed to keep them in good condition. You should be brushing your hair extensions daily, starting from the roots and slowly working your way down. Ask your stylist to show you how to brush your extensions correctly. It’s also important to never brush your hair when it’s completely wet. To prevent your hair from tangling, it’s recommended that you braid it before you go to bed.

Caring for your extensions on holiday

Hair extensions won’t limit you while you’re on holiday or being active. You’ll still be able to enjoy every minute of your holiday. If you will be going to the beach, it’s important to shower to remove any salt from your hair to prevent it from damaging your hair extensions.

Colouring your hair extensions

If you do want to change the colour of your hair, it’s highly recommended that you seek the assistance of a professional salon that specialises in hair extensions. Not only will they know which products should be used but they will be able to match your colour correctly too. Top quality Jadore clip in hair extensions should also only be dyed by a professional.

Hair extension maintenance recap


  • *  Braid your hair before you go to sleep to prevent knots in the morning

  • *  To protect your hair extension bonds, dry the bonding areas first after washing your hair

  • *  Get a professional haircut on a regular basis to keep your look fresh and natural

  • *  Buy a brush with soft bristles as they work better with hair extensions

  • *  Always brush your hair twice a day to make your extensions last longer


  • *  Stay away from any hair products that contain alcohol or sulfites

  • *  Don’t brush your hair when you have twisted knots as they might be at the bonds

  • *  Don’t put your head upside down to wash, brush or dry your hair as this could disrupt the hair extensions


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