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The brachioplasty procedure, also often simply referred to as an arm lift, is a surgical procedure that can address several concerns with the upper arms. It can reduce sagging skin that droops on the upper arm. It can tighten and smooth out the underlying tissues that support and define the upper arm shape. It can also help with the reduction of localised pockets of fat that may be in the upper arm region, even after diet and exercise have failed to address them.


Any fluctuations in weight, heredity and simply growing older can result in your upper arms taking on that drooping and sagging appearance. This is a concern that cannot be addressed and corrected with even targeted exercise routines.


Arm lift surgery just might be the right choice for you if you have sagging or loose upper arms. Knowing what questions to ask of your cosmetic surgeon can help you to make the right decision, in both surgeon and procedure.


What makes me a great candidate for this procedure?

You may want to tighten up your upper arms, but you might not actually be a good candidate for the procedure just yet. As a brachioplasty specialist in Central Coast, Dr. Reddy will only recommend the procedure if candidates meet all of the criteria for this surgical solution.

You should be in good overall health and not have any underlying medical conditions that could make surgery potentially dangerous for you. Your weight should also be steady, as any drastic weight loss or weight gain can drastically alter your results.


What is your experience with arm lifts?

Learning your surgeon’s experience level with any procedure that you are considering can help to set your mind at ease as you make the decision. Your surgeon should have several years of experience with cosmetic surgery in general, but should be able to offer you before and after images of previous patients. Being able to see the work that your surgeon has done can help to give you an idea as to the results that you can expect to see.


How will you perform my procedure?

Learning the type of surgical technique that your surgeon will be using for you will also help to reassure you. Quite often, most of our fears are rooted in the fear of the unknown. When your surgeon is open and honest with you about what the procedure will entail, you’ll be fully informed when you make your decision.


What kind of recovery period can I expect?

While every patient is unique, your surgeon can provide you with a good idea as to how long it typically takes to fully recover. Following your doctor’s instructions after the surgery will help you to recover smoothly, and without undue complications. Keep in mind that there is often a fair bit of swelling after the procedure, and it could be a few weeks before you see the results that you’ve been dreaming of.


What type of complications are possible?

While no one likes to think of complications, the more that you know the better you can prepare. Knowing how your surgeon will handle complications during the procedure or once you are in the healing phase can help to further reassure you that you are making the right choice in physician.


An arm lift can help to restore a sense of balance to your arms, while also boosting your confidence. If you’re in great overall health, you’ll find that this procedure soon has you going sleeveless in the summer and enjoying the new slim profile of your arms.

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