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Tattoo regret is more common than people realise but thankfully, laser tattoo removal is one way that people can regain their confidence.

Whether you’re considering tattoo removal yourself or you’ve always been interested in what it entails, here are a few facts about laser removal that may surprise you.

Surprising Facts about Laser Tattoo Removal

A healthy lymphatic system helps with removal

The ink particles from your unwanted tattoo don’t just disappear; they are actually removed via your body’s lymphatic system. The healthier your lymphatic system is, the easier it is for your body to get rid of the ink particles. Dry skin brushing, saunas, healthy eating and regular exercise can all make a big difference during your tattoo removal process.

The laser isn’t what removes the ink

The laser plays an important role in the removal process but it doesn’t actually remove the ink. The laser breaks up the ink particles so that they’re small enough to be removed via your body’s lymphatic system.

Circulation is just as important

Having good circulation will ensure that your tattoo can fade just a little faster. As you can imagine, smokers tend to experience lengthier tattoo removal processes because smoking affects their circulation. If you really want to help the tattoo removal process along, find ways to get your blood pumping on a regular basis – quitting smoking would help too.

Location can make a tattoo harder to remove

Tattoo removal at Laser Skin Centre will take longer the further your tattoo is from your heart. Basically, the easier it is for blood to flow to and from your tattoo, the quicker your body can eliminate the particles. This is different for everyone though and isn’t a hard and fast rule.

Take care of your liver to help the process along

Ink particles will make their way through your liver before they are excreted via your sweat or urine, which is why it helps to keep your liver as healthy as possible, particularly during this process.

Ink can only be reached a layer at a time

When you get a tattoo, the ink is applied in layers and certain colours will sit at different depths. This means that the laser won’t be able to reach all of the ink in the same treatment. If you have a lot of different colours in your tattoo or it is on the large side, you can expect the removal process to take a little longer.

The skills of your technician matter

Unfortunately, the tattoo removal industry isn’t as regulated as we would like it to be. The skills and experience of your laser technician do make a difference to your experience, which is why it’s important to take the time to find the right professional for the job. It’s perfectly acceptable to ask questions about the skills and experience of your technician before you agree to treatments.

Fading is an ongoing process

While it might only feel like there is something happening during your treatments, know that your tattoo will continue to fade during the weeks in between your treatments too.



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