• Written by Cara Leupuscek ,Educational Columnist and Journalist

Have you ever felt like you have been promising to yourself that you will pamper your hair or rescue your hair from dry brittle ends and never get a chance to? Have you thought to yourself: “ its too expensive to maintain thick, voluptuous, healthy shiny hair”? This do it yourself guide to the “healthy hair habit list” will not only allow you to awaken your true healthy state of healthy shiny glowing hair on a low maintenance everyday lifestyle, but with these easy tips, you don’t even have to break the budget for your new journey through 2014! Utilising easy positive hair habits will not only balance your lifestyle, but you will also feel and look like you have glossy new hair!

  1. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase: This will allow your hair to smoothly slide around the pillow during the night, without waking up with unruly “Bed Hair!” as a cotton pillowcase does as it is more roughly textured. Not only is this healthy for your hair, but for your skin too!

  2. Get natural hair moisture treatments: natural hair remedies which can build protein and add a smooth surface texture. Add some egg yolk in your hair, wrap in glad wrap for 20mins then rinse. Or add honey to your ends, wrap in glad wrap for 30mins then rinse. Or go to your professional salon for a quick moisture therapy treatment. If you do this every fortnight, you will see results and feel longer smoother hair!

  3. Drink lots of water! – increasing levels of hydration will not only stimulate the circulation in the body, but it will also create health production of hair, nail and skin balance. Take a look at your skin after you haven’t had water for days. If your skin looks dehydrated, your hair will feel it too!

  4. Get enough protein: eating valuable sources of protein such as red meat, chicken, beans and fish can strengthen your protein hair growth and penetrate into healthier stronger hair!

  5. Brush your hair at least once a day: brushing your hair not only removes tangles, but it stimulates the scalp increasing the deliverance of blood flow. This will increase growth spurt and the cycle at a faster rate. Brushing your hair is also very good for a natural hair treatment. When you have oily hair, brush your hair using a correct bristle brush to spread through your natural oils to your ends. This will moisturise your ends and heal and dryness naturally.

  6. Quit the artificial quick fixes: the use of the hair iron, ghd, tongs, curler, crimper and ceramic styler will cause extra dryness and breakage. If you lay off the use of these tools for a month, expect to see vibrant longer healthy hair sonner!

  7. Get regular trims: trimming your hair removed the unwanted dry damaged ends, and prevents spit ends to occur. You don’t need to chop all your hair off for this, even a cm a month is healthy, make sure you clarify with your hairdresser what you would like and you will feel naturally stronger hair from this healthy habit.

  8. Style your hair differently everyday: if you change the way you style your hair on a day to day basis, you re energise and increase blood flow, and allow your scalp to breathe. For example: If you have your hair tied up every single day (especially if your hair is thick) expect dandruff, because you are not allowing your scalp to breathe. This is a fun exercise to allow oxygen balance and scalp circulation.

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