• Written by Cara Leupuscek

By Cara Leupuscek, Educational Columnist & Journalist

We all have the feeling to get fit, feel healthy and make a positive change to our body, mind, spirit an spreading it all around our surroundings. Then we wonder; why has this good energetic boost come to a brick wall the moment we see a chocolate bar in someone else’s hand, the moment we see a MacDonald’s logo, or a Cadbury television ad. As humans it’s vital to understand the need to grow, beyond the craving, whilst cleansing and supporting our future. The average Australian has the right at home remedies to sustain a well-balanced lifestyle at their very own fingertips. We just need to lock in that positive energetic stance, and instead of needing to cleanse, but accepting it as your daily ritual.

Here are some healthy beauty tips to sustain a positive lifestyle for inner and outer beauty. Life is all about habits, routine, rituals and what comes into our comfort zone at our fingertips. Below is a list of effective ways to only focus on the positive which is around us, not the negative.

Water, aqua, wasser, eau: yes it all means the same thing. And will always serve the same purpose. Water is all around our comfort zone. It takes less time to fill up a glass of filtered water then it does to buy a can of cola from your local supermarket. The most important beauty tip for younger looking skin is that water is full of “natural” hydration, fullness and clarity. It will also assist in digestive health, blood pressure and stress levels. Think about it; a “natural face lift”

Daily stretching: An easy beauty remedy that doesn’t cost a penny; why is it considered a beauty remedy? This assists in posture, which assists in aesthetically pleasing natural body formation, height, relaxation and blood flow. A healthy body is a beautiful one.

“Beauty Sleep” is not a myth. Your body heals up to 70% more asleep than it does awake. Before you go to sleep, drink a glass of water, tie your hair up, have a chamomile tea and enjoy your 8 hours sleep. Not enough sleep can result in low energy levels, oxygen balance, and stress.

Herbal Tea; is very effective as it is “caffeine free” and can assist in relaxation, eye sight, energy, balance and clear thinking.

Herbal tea has been used for many hundreds of years for anti-aging processes. Not only does it aid in hydration on the exterior which can be useful for refreshing yourself before a long day, though it also helps blood circulation.

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