• Written by Cara Barilla , Educational Columnist and Journalist

The importance of getting a fresh new haircut for the beginning of summer has so many different factors to consider; the purpose of a haircut isn't just based in beauty, though the internal formation and structure determines healthy hair. Once you get a  fresh new hair style, you loose up to 80% of your split ends, dryness and brittleness, you are preventing the beginning of fragile texture which to lead to premature splitting and knotting. 

Sun or humidity damaged hair can also be re balanced by a Haircut before summer. A quick visit to your local hairstylist can help remove unwanted tarnished hair from the sun, sea salt, humidity and air conditioning. If you continue to visit your hairdresser for regular style cutting design, treatments and smoothing finishes, your hair will become more healthy on the inside and out, it will stabilise tone and heat better and will become more smooth, dense, vibrant and soft for long term health. 
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