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  • Written by Claire Adams

Everyone saw Michelangelo’s David, Myron’s Discobolus, Bernini’s The Rape of Persephone or paintings by famous artist depicting the female figure at least once. These artworks perfectly show how aesthetics and the ideal of human beauty changed over the course of time. The fact that more and more people take greater care of their appearance is undeniable, be it for aesthetic or health reasons. No matter the reason, it’s important to be careful and avoid extreme makeovers to prevent a completely opposite result.

The wonders of today

The 21st century is all about instant solutions. This doesn’t mean that these solutions are automatically bad, but people are getting too comfortable with having everything they want readily available. Want to eat a cake? No problem, you can just go to the nearby café and enjoy your favorite treat immediately. You dislike going to the store, but still want to get the newest phone on the market? Easy – few clicks on your computer and the deliveryman is already at your door.

The issue of fast-paced busy living

While having some of your material wishes is easily granted, those that require long-term dedication and work can pose a problem. How many times have you changed your diet or started gym only to give up after 2 months without achieving your goal? There’s no point in blaming yourself – for this kind of change and new lifestyle one needs an iron will, a lot of patience, time and hard work. Obligations and responsibilities of daily life often make it impossible to organize your schedule in such a way to you to focus on shaping up your body even though you strongly desire to get rid of that excess fat on your thighs, tummy and/or arms.

Innovations in cosmetic surgery

Fortunately, when it comes to having a sculpted body without much effort, modern science can be really helpful. Wherever you are, you can easily contact the professionals from the field of liposuction in Sydney, New York, Paris or LA. These professionals are the true artists in their jobs. This can be easily confirmed by checking out the celebrities whose pictures flood the Internet. No one even talks about correcting a certain feature on the body anymore, but sculpting the whole body with desirable proportions altogether.

Liposuction as an art medium

Liposuction is much appreciated by ladies, but in recent years the number of male patients has grown as well. The methods that are used today allow for fast and easy procedures with a quick recovery. You can improve your appearance by contouring or removing fat from almost any area of the body such as cheeks, neck, stomach, arms, thighs, love handles and saddlebags, upper back and even knees and ankles. It’s important to consult the doctor so that they can check the elasticity of your skin before the procedure. They will also get the necessary information about your medical history, possible chronic diseases and medications and your desires regarding weight loss. Even though the procedure itself isn’t too complicated – small incisions are made and the fat is sucked out with the help of thin hollow tube – all the information that the doctor receives will lead to the best possible results. Aaron Rollins, John D. Renucci, David A. Bottger and Jennifer L. Walden are only some of the most famous artists that made the patient’s body into canvas and final look the most beautiful artwork.

Although every clinic makes sure to go through all the necessary safety measures, in order for liposuction to go perfectly, it’s still important to pay attention to doctor’s advice. Everybody reacts differently, which is precisely why it’s essential to follow recommended instructions. Even though this is the way to get your ideal body without going through the trouble of exercising or cutting your favorite food, it’s important to think about your health. Moderate physical activity and a balanced diet can only be helpful in maintaining your new perfect look.

About the author

Claire Adams is a new age hedonist who enjoys life to the fullest. You can find her online writing and give tips about lifestyle, fashion and travel experience. Her day begins with: “Live, love & laugh.

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