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Hundreds of Australian hospital staff using new body composition scanners to track health and fitness


They spend their days looking after the well-being of Australians. Now, hospital staff and health workers at two Queensland hospitals are using innovative new technology to take care of their own health.


Logan and Redland Hospital Executive, located in the suburbs of Brisbane, have organised for more than 500 nurses, doctors and hospital staff to receive free scans with the new Evolt 360, a non-invasive, medical-grade scanner that measures more than 40 health parameters in less than a minute.


The Evolt 360 provides a quick measurement of health factors including body composition, skeletal muscle mass, protein mass, body fat, body water, visceral fat, age match to body, basal metabolic rate and more. In less than 60 seconds, people have a vital snap shot of their health.


Each of the staff receive a personalised print out of their scan results and will be rescanned every three months, so that they can track their progress – beyond outdated and inaccurate BMI and weight measurements.


Director of Nursing and Midwifery for Logan Bayside Health Network, Lorraine Stevenson says the approach using a whole body scanner has provided a way to motivate staff to take time to prioritise their own health and fitness.


“So many of our workers are on their feet all day, so it is understandable that the last thing you feel like doing after a long shift is exercising. Even more demotivating is stepping on the scale and seeing little or no change. The comprehensive and clear measurements provided by the team from Evolt will keep our staff motivated to keep tracking their progress and taking time to keep themselves feeling great,” said Ms Stevenson. 


Edward Zouroudis, CEO of Evolt says the company is seeing more corporates and large organisations turning to the Evolt 360 scanners to modernise their health and wellness programs and make a more impactful and cost-effective investment in employee health.


“When your workers and staff are healthy and feel great, businesses are more productive and successful but it’s no longer enough to simply hand your staff a fitness wearable and hope for the best.”


“We’ve been encouraged by the enthusiasm we’ve seen from organisations like Logan and Redland Bay Hospitals as well as within private industry in incorporating the scanners into their employee offering. We’re using cutting edge technology to bring common sense to modern day health care. And it’s clear that organisations and businesses are looking for innovative ways to engage with workers and promote true wellness,” he added.


Evolt is a fusion between technology, innovation and health focused on created a unified ecosystem for users to track, monitor and assess their overall health and fitness. It consists of Evolt Active, a social network capturing users’ journey towards a healthy lifestyle and Project Evolt, the 12-week, national campaign aimed at helping users become the best version of themselves.


You can find an Evolt 360 scanner nearest you by visiting:

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