• Written by Cara Barilla , Educational Columnist and Journalist

This season can be very overwhelming with the pollen in the air, inconsistent temperature and the higher rate of sickness. Once one person in the family gets sick, consequently each and every person has a high risk of becoming sick too. Households with infants, toddlers and children are at greater risk, as they have lower immunity and they are constantly bringing back new germs from their childhood center, daycare center into the home.

Households with pets are also at risk, as this is the season of everyone’s immunity dropping, you need to be mindful of the faeces control in the household with your dog, cat and toddlers who are toilet training. Below are some handy ways to control sickness, low immunity, spreading of germs/ cross contamination and easy preventatives.

Keep Hydrated: drinking ginger, lemon, cinnamon, lemon or green tea are very powerful when supporting healthy antibodies, antibacterial and importantly anti-fungal properties. When keeping hydrated with water you are additionally flushing away all toxins.

Take Immune strengthening vitamins: such as horseradish, d3, vitamin c and garlic.

Hand sanitize: when travelling via public transport, or just walking around the local shopping center, it is unknown with what germs the surfaces will come into contact with the communal benches, table tops and hand rails. Hand sanitize frequently to prevent cross contamination.

Clean surfaces regularly: whether it is at home or at your work space. Cleaning regularly with a surface cleaner will prevent the risk of sickness.

Add spices in your diet: cloves, lemon pepper, ginger spice, cinnamon spice, turmeric & thyme aids in strengthening your immunity and helps flush away toxins. If you have caught the flu these additives will aid in quick healing.

Boost your trace minerals: Zinc and magnesium are strong factors to do as such. They have a boosting impact for the immune system. If you add Celtic or Himalayan sea salt to your meals that contains over 80 additional minerals to protect your immunity.

Get more sleep: when you sleep you are in healing process, your body works to energise and support your organs for the next day.  

Exercise regularly: when you exercise you are flushing away toxins via perspiration. You are also aiding in your immunity and building strength.

Strengthen what you consume: try to eliminate sugar or all artificial products from your kitchen pantry, this will help gain a stronger immunity and will lower the chance of contracting illness

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