• Written by Cara Barilla; Educational Columnist and journalist

It can be an overwhelming and stressful moment in your life when your baby is Ill; not recognising the symptoms and letting your emotions overtake your logical composed side, though our mind, body and spirit are designed and ready for careful procedure, strategy,  support and importantly nurture.

After the moment you seek professional guidance, whether it be from your doctor, paediatrician, obstetrician if other health care support you are left in charge of nurture, love and care.

Here are some healthy ways to aid in the assistance of your baby's sickness at home, and how to maintain mind body and emotional stability.

Plan a schedule: your doctor or healthcare provider would of given you your child's individual medication for home use. Now is the prime moment to write down important information; whether it be on a notepad on the fridge, your diary or mobile; noting down each exact time you give your baby their medication, how much you give them and which one you give them leaves the situation more predictable. If an issue arises it would be easy to back track to the past application times.

Lots of cuddles: your Bub would be very clingy at this stage. This is an important time to hold, caress and give your Bub physical nurture. This gives your baby a strong safe feeling of protection and love. Not to mention a beautiful bonding moment.

Vocalise: telling your baby that you are there, soft loving communication, singing their favourite nursery rhymes and letting them hear your voice is close by brings them much love and comfort in this time of discomfort.

Keep your surroundings clean and out of reach: your Bub may notice the unfamiliar new medications on the counter tops which may be easy to reach; try to remain to keep all areas clean kept and hygienic. Humidifiers and vaporisers are very helpful as it keeps the air clean and assists in clear breathing and sinus clarity.

Balance your schedule and prioritise: in this hard time of Bub being ill; it's best to keep your work, social life and other tasks aside as you prioritise for Bub. It's healthy to either delegate work or chores, ask for assistance or even take some time off for Bub. This will leave you stress free and purely focused on your little one.

Strengthen your parience: your baby may be waking up in the middle of the night during this hardship. Ensure you are there for your baby wholeheartedly. Now is your chance to practice patience, meditation, present priority, focus and keeping calm during pressure amid irregular hours.

Get ready for body work: Your child may want extra special care during their sick moments; this includes additional handling time. It may be hard handing a baby around the 10kg mark, therefore ensure your posture is well balanced, you are bending your knees, change positions thus not staying in one hard position for long periods of time.

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