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You spend two weeks packing, four hours loading and unloading your moving van, half a day cleaning the old place and then another half cleaning the new place. And, once all of your stuff has reached its destination, you have to spend the whole day unpacking your stuff into your new home. In between the new place and the old, you have to run old keys back to the former leasing agent while finding time to pick up the keys to your new place. A lot of time and effort goes into orchestrating a move and makes for very long and busy days for all involved.

While it is commendable to be able to tackle such a complex job, it might not be the best use of your time or energy. Homeowners might not be able to get help for many of the above tasks but in terms of moving your belongings from one place to another, there are plenty of alternatives. Yes, you can enlist your friends and family to help, but professional Sydney removalists can do a better job at organising your family’s next move.

Keep reading to learn why you should consider hiring a professional mover for your next move.


Hiring a professional mover means that your move is overseen by experts with plenty of experience. These professionals will know how to move the contents of a house regardless of the number of rooms in it. Of course, there is always the issue of moving furniture without damaging it and professional movers know exactly how to pack a moving van so that all of your equipment can fit into it without any problems. With a professional outfit, you can enjoy the benefit of having movers working with you who know what they are doing.

Less Time

Another reason to go with professionals is that they are typically quicker than relying on a group of friends and family who will inevitably argue with you regarding the logistics of packing the truck. Movers can move your belongings into and out of the van in less time simply because that is what they do all day long. Without having to worry about packing the van, which can easily take an entire day, homeowners can take care of other, more important tasks involved in moving home.

Injury Prevention

Everyone knows that the old rule for lifting heavy objects, in this case, boxes and furniture, is that you bend at the knee and lift with your legs, not your arms. However, somewhere between packing all of that stuff into a million boxes and organising the moving effort you forget and once again, we are lifting boxes by bending over and simply picking them up. Professional movers, however, are experienced with these types of movements and so when they move your items, they can do so without risk of injury. And, by enlisting their help, you remain injury-free too.

Packing Perfectly

If you have hired movers to also help pack, you get the expertise of professionals who know how to pack items regardless of their size. Whether it is wrapping up artwork or framed pictures or packing dishes and other fragile items, your items will not only be packed securely, but they also will be packed in an organised fashion. Furthermore, if something is not packed carefully and does break or is damaged, you have the means to be remunerated.

Avoid Moving Day Hassles By Hiring A Professional

The thought of moving the contents of three or four rooms and packing and unpacking all of your stuff can be overwhelming. A professional mover can alleviate much of the stress and work of moving, leaving you with more time for other, more important things on moving day, making the entire experience less stressful and less hassle for you.

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