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Anastasia looked around at what the living room of the house she shared with her two flatmates, Derek and Jeremy, looked like. It was in a sorry state of affairs after last night's party and all of them had had far too much to drink to deal with the mess at the time.

'How am I going to get half of these stains out?' she thought to herself, as she looked at sections of the carpet, the couch and other furniture.

Derek walked into the room. 'Ooh,' he said. 'Big aftermath. C'mon, I'll get the steamer before Jeremy freaks.'

When it comes to many problems and tasks, including cleaning, a lot of us get caught up in the moment of everyday life, often to the point that we don't manage the issue at the appropriate time.

It's a task that we often put off because we find it a burden or we become accustomed to that which is around us. However, here is my guide to how steam can make that less of a problem.

Tough Stains:

One of the many benefits of steam is the ability to remove tough stains. This can be easily done with a steam mop.

By using such a device with traditional solutions such as vinegar or lemon, then allowing it to dry, you can remove even some of the most stubborn stains and compounds from your floors and furnishings.

This is due to the acidic nature of such a solution and the heat from the steam in the mop. It is also better than having various sections of cleaning spotted throughout your carpet.


Another of the many benefits of steam cleaning is that it is friendly to the environment. Being that the process of steam/dry cleaning is primarily through heat and pressure, it is one that saves both you and your surroundings from dealing with unnecessary chemicals.

This way, you can be assured that you are not putting any pollutants into the air that would be potentially harmful, and you can have a clean house while being kind to the planet and its many ecosystems.


Using steam and vapour doesn't have to be restricted to only the carpets in your home. One of its many advantages is that it can be used on a wide range of different surfaces.

According to Godfreys, it can be used almost anywhere. From cleaning hard surfaces to "blast stubborn soap scum in the bathroom."

This means you can use the same process for nearly your entire house, which can save you money and time, and we all know how much we like that.


Steam cleaning also provides a great benefit to those with allergies. Due to the heat and high pressure used, cleaning with steam and vapour can get down to the heart of many allergy-producing pathogens.

As stated by dupray.com, "...steam penetrates deep into surface pores, eliminating dirt, grease, residue, mould bacteria, viruses and germs...even exterminates bedbugs."

This can keep you well in the knowledge that you can keep your house clean without worrying about needing an antihistamine.

Fast drying:

Steam cleaning is also a fast drying process, which makes it a great method as a time effective measure.

Walk On Dry steam cleaning methods of steam cleaning are perfect for extensive areas, such as carpeted rooms in large business centres. This can be a feasible and cost-effective idea when arranging the cleaning of your office.


Whether you've had a large party and you have some stubborn stains, or you have a need to clean large or multiple areas, steam cleaning could be the safest and most beneficial cleaning strategy for you.

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