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When the weather cools down, it’s our instinct to go into hibernation as we bunker down and spend more time than usual curled up on the couch. Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways to turn your living room into a cosy sanctuary during the autumn and winter months.

Melissa Bonney, Director at multi-disciplinary design studio The Designory, gives her top tips for creating an inviting living space that you’ll never want to leave:

Lay it out

First and foremost, Melissa encourages you to consider the layout of the area you’re working with. “Cosy never means cramped, so make sure you edit your living space like you would your outfit,” she says.

“Think about the flow of movement through the room and make sure you create an ease of connection within areas. There should be plenty of space for people to sit, relax, talk and unwind. Living spaces which allow for your family and friends to truly engage with each other are always the most inviting homes.”

Textured furnishings

Layering up for cooler weather isn’t exclusive to clothing. Melissa recommends layering your space with textural elements to achieve that inviting atmosphere in your living area. “Nothing quite says cosy like beautiful textures and we love to combine them across all surfaces,” she says.

“For the walls, opt for woven artworks, textured wallpaper or even paint them a warmer shade. When it comes to décor items, think about what is going to make your space feel the most luxurious,” continued Melissa. “Soft rugs or carpets underfoot, throws and cushions for seating all help to make a room feel homely, complete and comfortable.”


Get the glow

No living room is complete without a source of heat. Installing a fireplace is the best way to ensure that your space feels inviting and cosy. “Never underestimate the power of a beautiful fireplace to create the perfect living environment,” says Melissa.

“A fireplace becomes a gathering space in the home, a place where great conversations are shared and we can relax and reconnect. Try integrating fireplaces into the wall or within joinery designs for a more refined and seamless feel. We love IXL’s new Cannon Latitude fireplace – its elongated profile is the perfect proportion for modern living,” she says.

The Cannon Latitude from IXL Home is a contemporary, high-performance gas log power flue heater with sleek design made specifically for Australian homes. It has a 5.0 energy star rating which translates to more than 85 per cent thermal efficiency, requiring less money to operate than lower star rated models.

Adding functional and decorative lighting is another fantastic way to warm up your space. Whether it’s a table lamp to provide adequate lighting while you devour a good book, overhead pendants to illuminate game night or candle light for a romantic dinner setting, it can change the look and feel of the entire room.

Natural elements

Clever use of natural materials such as timber and leather can also add instant warmth to a room. Whether it’s a beautiful timber coffee table or comfortable leather couch, natural elements create an appealing space.

“Human beings have an innate connection with natural materials,” says Melissa. “It helps us to feel more grounded and connected to our environment.”

Photographer – Jessie Prince

Interior Design – The Designory

About Cannon Latitude

Cannon Gas Log Heaters are Australian made with proud history of manufacturing quality gas heaters for more than 15 years. They are a leading specialist in home heating, and at the forefront of the market for energy efficiency. The Cannon Latitude is available in 2 models - 1000mm and 1500mm, available in black and silver fascia with traditional log.
RRP: $8,796 for 1000mm or $10,996 for 1500mm.

About IXL Home
IXL Home is a leader and innovator in heat, light and ventilation products, with a proud and rich history as an Australian family owned company, based in Geelong VIC, for 160 years. www.ixlhome.com.au

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