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  • Written by Sarah Michaels

Cozy Bedroom 101: Best Decor and Design Ideas for 2019

A cozy bedroom doesn't just give warmth during winter but also comfort and relaxation during a long day, since most people consider their bedrooms as their comfort place. It is the best place for drink hot cocoa while snow is pouring outside, a place to read a good book, or just a complete cozy deep sleep.

Usually, interior designers would recommend dark colors to make your room warmer. Plus, darker hues enclose the bedroom, which means it creates a perfect place to relax and slumber. It's good to sleep under a cozy black blanket. But decorations and room designs also matters to make your room cozier. This article will reveal to you the secret of how to decorate and design your cozy bedroom.

How to Decorate Your Bedroom

Choose your bedroom color

Room color affects your emotions. You might not notice this, but it changes the way you see things around. Using bold and bright colors like red, orange, and yellow can stimulate creativity. Colors like these also make your room warmer.

If you want to decorate a cozy bedroom, choose colors with soothing shades and a restful palette. Pastels like soft blue and pink add playfulness without overpowering the room. You can also try lavender and green as these colors are considered as calm and serene.

Add patterns in your ceiling

Do you lie in bed with a conventional surface above you? Would it be more desirable to add more patterns or soft color to it? If you're thinking of painting your ceiling, pick a lighter version of the wall color. In that way, the five walls in your room will complement perfectly.

Another option is putting your favorite wallpaper in your ceiling. Wallpaper that depicts the night sky is a great idea. Architectural elements like beams and moldings add ornamental contrast. Canopy or tented bed, on the other hand, give a luxurious look.

Pick the right-sized furniture

Choosing bedroom furniture is challenging, particularly if you have limited space. You need to make sure that you are buying a perfect size. If you want to have a guide, you can start by making your bedroom floor plan. Add measured drawing of the space so you have an idea of what furniture should fit.

The size of the bed is essential. However, you need to make sure that it doesn't take up enormous space. A huge extra-large bed and a dresser do not fit for a tiny room. You need to ensure that every piece of furniture is in proportion to each other.

Luxurious linens and weighted blankets add coziness

Are you feeling cold? Decorate your bedroom with beautiful luxurious fabrics. Heavy linens add comfort to your bedroom. It makes you want to roll and snug it all day. Instead of the usual curtain, add an elegant long window drapes in your room. It will make your room stand out. Another cozy bedroom must-have is weighted blanket for adults. The blankets in your room have two main goals, it makes your room warmer, and it makes you feel comfortable. Weighted blankets are the best because it provides heat like you are hugging someone you love. No more cold lonely nights for you. You can wrap yourself up anytime while sipping your hot cocoa.

Add some warm lighting options

Sometimes bedroom light can be too bright or too dark. And there are days that it's hard to get the right amount of light. The perfect solution for that is a good layer of lighting.

What's a layer of light? You can divide the light system in your bedroom. The ambient lighting is suitable to light up the whole room. Small bedside table lamps, on the other hand, can focus on reading and other light activity while you're in bed. You can set-up a lighting system to make it easier for you to switch from bright and dim light.

Bedroom Design Ideas for 2019

Put life into your bedroom’s corner

Do you have a dull space in your bedroom? Put life into your bedroom's corner by adding a beautiful and relaxing accent. Loosen up from a tiring day at work and enjoy a quick swing. You can add a small hammock or a hanging chair in the corner of your room. It's a perfect place to take a nap and read your favorite book. Adding a plant in your window is another great composition.

Turn your attic into a beautiful getaway

The attic is the place for old things and dusted furniture. Well, not anymore. You can turn your bedroom attic into a beautiful getaway. This Genie bedroom is a boho dream tour for everyone. No one knows that this stunning room used to be a dusty attic. You can also add a wood-paneled design to feel like you're inside a treehouse. Big heavy pillows add coziness to this room. This bedroom gives a warm cozy vibe.

Playful with patterns

This room design is ideal for hip and creative ones. You can see the wall pattern is extraordinary cozy. From one ornament to another, the frames in the wall fits perfectly to one another. The ceiling is clean white, which gives the room a place to breathe and unwind.

Executive curtain drapes

Long curtain drapes deliver an executive look. You can see that the drapes are everywhere and it does not overpower the room. It gives the room an intimate and private look. The color of the bedroom is cozy because it's not too bold. Plus, there are small tables and chairs like a small living room. Overall this is a perfect place to read a good book and be comfortably productive.

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