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Who doesn’t love a good night’s sleep, right? Waking up feeling like you have a day of productivity ahead of you is incredible, yet often so hard to achieve. So what’s the secret? No matter who you are, the right mattress can make all the difference.


Properly maintain your mattress and you will be rewarded with a healthy, clean place to rejuvenate your body. Get the foundations right first, though – purchasing through a retailer like Sleepy’s, who put quality first, can certainly pay off in the long run!


The following steps will maximise your comfort and add years to your mattress’s life – you’re welcome!


1. Rotate and Flip


It is important to check recommendations for mattress maintenance with your manufacturer, as requirements differ from model to model. Mattresses must be rotated to even-out pressure and stop areas from sagging. Some mattresses, such as pillow-top mattresses, should not be flipped at all, but most mattresses should be flipped to ensure the surfaces wear evenly. You should rotate and flip your new mattress every two weeks for the first four months. After this time, you should flip and rotate your mattress every three months. Always seek help when rotating or flipping a mattress to avoid possible injury.


Keep in mind that jumping on or standing on a bed will also damage your mattress, as will bending it or kneeling on its edge. Many people use their mattress as a seat while they put on their shoes. This is not ideal, as sitting on the edge can make a mattress sag prematurely.


2. Frame it Right


Mattresses need the support of a good bed frame. Larger mattresses, for king or queen-sized beds require centre-support or wide slats to support the wider width. It is important for a mattress and box strings to work together seamlessly, so ensure you purchase these two elements as a set. Dispose of your mattress as soon as you feel it is no longer providing adequate support. Many people choose to put a board between the mattress and foundation, but this often only improves support temporarily.


3. Protect the Mattress


When you sweat at night, your mattress soaks up the moisture, eventually attracting dust mites. This is why it is important to use a mattress protector. Keep in mind, a mattress protector will only keep a mattress clean to a certain extent. Spills are likely to seep through, unless your mattress protector is waterproof.


Found yourself with a mark on your mattress? To soak a stain, use warm, soapy water, and be sure to avoid saturating the interior of the mattress; moisture will encourage the growth of mould. It is important to check that your mattress is completely dry before you put the sheets and mattress protector back on. If you’re in a hurry, place your mattress in direct sunlight or use a hair dryer (on a low setting).


4. Clean it Regularly


Let your mattress air-out by uncovering it every time you go on holiday. Do not dry-clean your mattress, as chemicals may damage the fabric and underlying materials. If you vacuum every time you rotate your mattress, it should stay fresh and clean. To vacuum, remove all the bedding from your mattress and use an upholstery attachment to clean the sides and the top surface. Make your mattress even fresher by lightly spraying it with Eucalyptus oil.


We spend a sizable portion of our lives lying in a bed, so be sure to take good care of your mattress. Taking good care of your mattress will provide you with a healthy, clean space to wake up in every morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.



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