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Looking to revamp your home? You have probably thought about every other room in your house and how you can improve it but have you ever thought about refreshing your roof? Your home's roof takes the biggest beating out of your whole house, and is the first place to show signs of aging. Besides aesthetics there could be more damage underneath the roof than you realise, resulting in the need for a complete roof restoration.

Faded roof tiles that are looking drab?

Over time and constant exposure to the elements means your roof tiles will begin to fade and lose their colour. You may not realise it but your beautiful brown coloured roof is probably looking more of a pale grey. Over time you may also see algae and fungi grow on the tiles, making your roof look dull and patchy.

Cracked tiles?

Have a look at your tiles, can you see any cracked or crumbled tiles? You may think a couple of broken tiles aren’t a big deal but over time you will become more susceptible to problems down the line. Exposed sections of your roof will allow water to seep into your roof leaving nasty brown water marks on the ceilings of your rooms. A leaking roof can also cause tonnes of health issues, especially if you’re asthmatic, as mould can grow within the roof of your home and start to seep through the walls and reach the interior.

Can you hear the jingle jangle of loose roof tiles?

Can you hear your roof tiles moving around in windy weather that is not a good sign. Loose roof shingles are a sign your uv protection is breaking down and needs to be repaired, a full roof restoration will help to protect your tiles and keep your roof in good health.

Surely the roof isn’t sagging?

If you can see any parts of your roof sagging or the interior rooms of your house you will need to have an expert look over your roof ASAP. Any sign of sag need to be addressed immediately as this is a sure sign that your roof is damaged. You don’t want to leave it until it is too late and you need a full roof replacement. Save yourself the money and have your roof restored before anything major happens.

Is your room a bit lighter than normal or smelling a bit mouldy?

If you see any extra light coming in through your ceiling, that is a sure sign you have roof damage. This should be evaluated by an expert ASAP, as great as this new natural light may seem your roof is designed to keep light and air out. Smelling mould or dampness is also another indication that your roof needs restoring. If the tiles above are deteriorating water and precipitation will work it’s way into your roof cavity creating mould and mildew, that is definitely not good to the health of you and your family.

Can you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet?

If you can hear any tiny feet running around in your roof at night you can safely say you have cracks or holes in your roof. Vermin love to live in the roofs of houses, they are warm safe places that provide protection from the outside. This is when it pays to make sure your roof is in perfection condition. Australians especially have issues with birds, possums and rats. Get your roof checked if you can hear them crawling around at night.


It pays to thoroughly check your roof twice a year. If you can, and it is safe to do so, getting up on the roof and having a thorough check over all of the tiles is a great way to make sure your roof stays in tip top condition. If you are unable to evaluate the roof yourself call in an expert, they will be more than happy to tell you if there are any problems and if they recommend a roof restoration.

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