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If you’ve been watching any of those home improvement shows that have become so popular lately, you’ll know that no renovation is complete without a kitchen makeover. If you’ve been inspired to overhaul your own place, changing up your kitchen should be at the top of your to-do list. Upgrading it to better suit your lifestyle is a great investment that will pay off every time you and your loved ones use this multi-functional space. What's more, if you decide to sell your home, a spacious and modernised kitchen is a feature that many buyers look out for.


Here are some new but long-lasting trends to consider when renovating your kitchen:


Add a touch of nature


Many Australians are lucky enough to have breathtaking views and favourable weather conditions, so why not let a little bit of nature into your kitchen? Huge glass sliding doors will not only show off the sights; they also provide easy access to the outdoors. This feature is great for unwinding after a long day, watching the kids play in the backyard, and having barbeques in the summer.


You can also bring the outdoors inside by growing some plants in your kitchen. If you've got a green thumb, consider planting a vertical garden. And if you really love to cook, keep some fresh herbs by the window or hang them from the ceiling. For a long maintenance option, arrange several potted succulents on your benchtop.


Give yourself some space


Whether it's preparing hors d'oeuvres for a cocktail party, cooking a main and sides for a weekday dinner, or baking a birthday cake, you'll want a lot of space for meal preparation. Installing an island bench in the middle of the kitchen will not only give you more prep space; it also provides a great place for eating, drinking, and entertaining.


Show off your personality


Just because it’s on trend at the moment, you don’t have to go for a cold, all-white minimalist look if that's not your style. Inject your own personal touches to the heart of your home with pops of colour and texture.


To give your kitchen a clean and uncluttered look, install extra storage space for your appliances and pantry supplies. And for a personal touch, hang some of your favourite artwork or get the builders to use coloured grout in tiled backsplashes and floors.


Mix up your materials


Metals, marble, concrete, glass, tile, and woods are all still in. However, the trend of using just one or two of these materials is on its way out. Consult experts like the folks at Dan Kitchens and mix and match your favourite materials freely.


Consider getting porcelain benchtops and concrete flooring instead of just putting tiles over these areas. You can also add wooden cabinetry to warm up stainless steel appliances and marble surfaces.


Whatever style of décor you end up using, making over this space can completely transform the heart of your home. By implementing a design that suits your lifestyle and complements the rest of your house, you can’t go wrong with these new trends.

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