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Are you starting to tire of your current kitchen cabinets?

Have they worn out over the years or are they just starting to become impractical and inefficient with storage? If so, you may have already decided that the time for a change is now. Before deciding on anything, you will definitely want to have a look at these 6 things to consider when updating your kitchen cabinets, shared by some of the top experts in kitchen renovation in Melbourne. Read on to get one step closer to the kitchen cabinets of your dreams!


1. First Of All, Consider Your Budget


Unfortunately, not all of us are multi millionaires with an endless budget available to upgrade our kitchen cabinets. This is why considering your budget first and foremost is of utmost importance. The best way to do this is to start narrowing options down to fit your price range. This way, you won’t accidentally fall in love with a kitchen cabinet that costs ten fold of your budgetary constraints. You can always discuss your budget with your renovators and they will assist you by guiding you through options that are most suited to your needs.


2. Durability Is Key


One thing that is very important with kitchen cabinets is durability.

If you are going to spend money updating your cabinetry, you want the results to be long lasting. Kitchens get used multiple times a day, and not always in the gentlest of ways. You will want to choose materials that are stylish but also withstands the test of time. There is no point in a fancy looking kitchen that needs to be renovated all over again next year!


3. Storage Is Essential


If you are going to be upgrading your kitchen cabinets, you definitely want to make them as storage efficient as possible. What this means is making the absolute most of whatever space you have. This might involve installing multiple shelves in a cabinet, or even having in built spice racks that save you heaps of space. Roll out storage is also a fantastic and very popular option with many people, perfect for those pesky bottom cabinets.


4. Be Sure Of The Style You Are Going For


Are you looking to bring a dash of French Provincial into your kitchen, or are you someone who is more into a sleek, modern and clean look when it comes to designing your home? Being sure and making a decision about what style you are going for is something that you should definitely plan and decide on early in the renovation process. This way, your renovation experts will be able to match your style and needs without any hiccups in the process.


5. Are You Looking For Something Customised?


Are you someone who doesn’t want to shop off the rack and would rather have customised cabinets built for you? Do all the designs that are readily available bore you a little? It is good to know that if you speak with your renovation consultant, more often than not, they will be able to build custom cabinets in whatever design you fancy, to meet your specific needs. Want to build cabinets into an island, or add cabinets to the ceiling? All this is possible with customised kitchen renovation designs.


6. Ensure Your Cabinets Fit In With The Rest Of Your Kitchen


Last but not least, always ensure that whatever style or material you choose for your cabinets, that they blend harmoniously with the rest of your kitchen. Nothing is worse than cabinets that stick out like a sore thumb, so be careful when choosing something that may be a little too out of place in your current kitchen.


We are sure that these 6 handy things to consider will get you ready before you set off on your journey to update your kitchen cabinets. With a little pre-planning and ingenuity, you’ll have the kitchen of your dreams in no time.



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