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Whether it's a minor
bingle or major crash, you probably hope to get through your driving career without the inconvenient or even devastating consequences of being in an accident. The reality is, however, the average driver will have at least one accident for every 20 years of their driving career. Here are some safety tips to avoid them.


Don't rush

Rushing to get to your destination greatly increases your risk of being in an accident, whether you are travelling just over the speed limit, hastily changing lanes, or simply letting impatience get the better of you.


In short, speeding increases your stopping distance, impacts your reaction time, and results in more serious injuries, so it's just not worth it to put your foot down in a futile bid to get to your destination sooner.


Rushing also involves risky behaviour such as following too closely, changing lanes erratically or pushing through that yellow light, and it makes small mistakes with dire consequences more likely to occur. By leaving five minutes early, accounting for traffic, and maintaining courteous driving techniques, you lessen the odds of an accident.


Stay focused

You've got one job to do while driving: get to your destination safely. That means staying focused on the task at hand and limiting distractions. Even a brief moment of inattention like checking a text message, moderating an argument in the back seat, or changing the radio station takes your eyes off the road.


To eliminate unnecessary distractions, organise your car before you go, pull over if you need to attend to something, and remember: no text message or phone call is that important.


Be prepared

Preparation is the key to navigating most hazards in life and that includes driving a car. Ensure your vehicle is maintained well, the brakes are in top condition, there is sufficient oil, all the lights work, and the tyres have enough tread.


This preparation also includes catering for the worst-case scenario by taking out adequate insurance and having your details on hand. It also pays to have the number of a lawyer in case you're involved in an accident that's not your fault, and there are companies like The Personal Injury Lawyers who can assist.


With a little awareness and preparation, you can mitigate many of the risks involved in the daily drive. Then it's a case of driving defensively with the knowledge others may not be as diligent as you are.


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