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Gone are the days when your kids would head home after a tedious day at school and immediately jump off to play their favorite sports! In today’s world, the situation is entirely different. With hundreds of TV shows and video games to keep them occupied, regular sports no longer fascinate them. But while these video games might be inherently enjoyable, they can’t really replace the fun and excitement of outdoor sports.

These sports not only give them numerous opportunities to have fun, but they also help them develop certain social skills that are going to help them in the long run.

So in case you’re looking to introduce a couple of these sports to your little ones - Little Jumpers have put a list of the top sports that’ll help them develop the crucial life skills.

Softball and baseball

For over a century, little kids grew up with the dream of being pro baseball players who’d participate in all the major leagues. This is indeed one of the best sports for developing hand eye coordination, balance and physical strength. In addition to this, it also helps them in brushing up on social skills like teamwork, discipline and leadership. So you’re looking to ensure a holistic development for your kid- this is definitely one of the best sports to try out.

Jumping castle

This is probably one of the most underrated activities, which help in fostering the overall well-being of your child. While your kids will enjoy the game and it’ll serve as one of the biggest long-term entertainments, it is also equally relevant in developing crucial social skills.

As your kids enjoy the bouncing of the jumping castle, they’ll get a chance of interacting with other kids which in turn will go a long way in improving their social skills. So if your kid is more of an introvert, this is definitely one of the coolest sports to try!


Bicycling is yet another classic sports that comes with several physical and social benefits for your little ones. This is a great form of exercise that helps in developing the hand eye coordination, balance and cardiovascular fitness among your kids. In addition to this, it also makes them tad more disciplined and environmentally aware. When your kids go for bicycling session with other kids, they also develop a sense of community, family bonding and self esteem.


Soccer is one of the most common sports that, is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Your kids can start this sport from the age of four, and it’ll go a long way in improving their cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Soccer is equally beneficial in terms of social benefits. If your kids manage to play this long enough, they will end up being more disciplined and self controlled. And that’s not all! They’ll also gain a sense of fairness, self esteem and leadership.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the best sports for helping your kids develop motor skills. It is incredibly useful in developing a sense of balance, coordination and flexibility. In addition to this, they’ll also gain a sense of freedom and self esteem.

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