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  • Written by Annie Field

Following the merge with local competitors, Classhopper and SweatPass, KFit has continued to cement its title as the leader of the Australia and New Zealand fitness sharing economy.

Although similar models to KFit, Classhopper and SweatPass focused purely on group fitness classes whereas a KFit membership offers gym entry, group fitness classes and access to leisure activities - like bowling and laser tag - for users.

With over 600 fitness studios, gyms and facilities to choose from in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Auckland alone, the merge will add even more class options to the already huge offering from KFit making it easier and more fun to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Emma Hoffman, Founder of Classhopper and now KFit General Manager Marketing ANZ said Classhopper and SweatPass partners and users of KFit will benefit from the even great flexibility as the merge centralises access into a large, single platform, instead of separate smaller platforms.

“Whilst Classhopper addressed consumer needs for flexibility in the fitness space, it didn’t go nearly as far as KFit does in terms of the user experience, variety offered and value for money,” says Emma Hoffman, General Manager Marketing ANZ, KFit.

SweatPass Founder, Jason Ho Gulati, says with SweatPass, the goal was to make both members and partner studios happy and there were a few companies offering a similar service, but KFit stood out in terms of resources, partnership-building and the functionality of the platform.

“KFit’s terms are more beneficial for partner studios, and the app made for a better user experience - it made sense to join forces, and I believe we have the team to deliver something awesome,” says Jason Ho Gulati, Business Development Manager ANZ, KFit.

KFit is making variety the routine of health conscious Australians and New Zealanders as it launches its revolutionary fitness platform state-wide.  More cities across New Zealand and Australia are being added every month.



Android and iPhone users who download the KFit mobile app from the Google Play or Apple Store will enjoy their first month of KFit for free.

About KFit

KFit launched in April 2015 with the strong backing of venture capitalists and angel investors. It is currently rapidly expanding to more than 10 cities in seven countries under an experienced management team led by high-profile entrepreneur Joel Neoh.

Already operating in several countries worldwide, KFit seamlessly connects consumers and fitness businesses. It gives people more ways to stay healthy and keep fit, creating new business opportunities for gyms, studios and other fitness providers. An emerging leader in the new sharing economy, KFit allows subscribers to access a huge variety of classes and activities each month. It helps make fitness more accessible, flexible and fun - contributing to a healthier Australia.

KFit’s All Access Membership is priced at $69 per month and gives member’s unlimited access to partner organisations. Also in place is a $0 Basic Membership that provides free access to the platform, as well as one class per month.

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