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We are all on an eternal journey of speed bumps or rather ‘fat lumps’ that go up and down, up and down in our lifetime. In certain time frames of our lives we love the way we look and are satisfied with our weight. At certain times though we can feel like beached whales. I’ve realized that throughout all the diets that do exist, none of them really work - long term. At the end of the day we should listen to what our body is craving, after all, it’s craving it for a reason. However, we need to stay in check with health versions of whatever our body is telling us we may need. If our body needs sodium, soda isn't the answer. If we crave carbs, don’t eat chips. There are many healthy alternatives out there if we just take the time to discover what they are.


No matter how much we weigh though, it’s always important to keep a check on our health. This Research Verified review will tell you more! Here are ways to lose fat fast and not even realize it!

Drink Green Tea

People in the East have been drinking and gaining the benefits of green tea for a very long time now. Green tea actually increases fat burning and improves physical performance. Based on human controlled trials, green tea has been shown to increase fat burning. The great news is the fact that it boosts the metabolic rate. In another study it showed that fat oxidation increased by 17% when drinking the tea showing that it may selectively increase fat burn. It should be drunk first thing in the morning. You can drink up to 10 cups a day but try stopping after 3 pm as it does contain caffeine and may affect your sleep. Try it with raw honey, some natural ginger, mint leaves and a nice big slice of lemon.


As green tea is known to boost the metabolism, of course it will help towards weight loss. There are several studies that show that green tea leads to decreases in body fat - especially around the waist, belly and abs in general. Woo hoo!! That’s great news as so many of us carry weight in this vulnerable area. If you drink a lot of green tea and get into the habit of this, expect to lose weight, body fat percentage will drop, your waist circumference will condense and abdominal fat will decrease. Please pass the green tea now!

Take The Steps

There are so many instances in our lives where we take the escalators and lifts where we have the option of taking the stairs. Taking the stairs gives us a great lower body workout. It works on the calves, glutes, quads as well as the hamstrings. It burns fat and builds strength as well as lean muscles. This includes walking downstairs as well. If you live in an apartment take the steps when you get home. Yes, you have had a hard day at work but your body will thank you for it later.



This is pretty simple but not enough people do it. If you catch the bus to get to work get off at one stop before your actual destination and walk. You will feel the morning breeze against your skin and it will feel great. By walking and doing a little bit of exercise this way, you will feel energized and you won’t even be aware that you have done a bit of a workout. Multiply this by everyday of the week and watch your thighs and butt slim down!

Pick Up An Active Hobby

This is a fun exercise where you get to pick up a hobby. No matter what hobby it is it will get your mind off food and you will be active. Whether it’s painting ceramics or spending time with friends playing volleyball, any hobby will help towards weight loss and getting you moving. Maybe you even love to dance. If you don’t join dance classes go out with friends to nightclubs where you can literally shake it, have fun and lose weight in the process.

Switch Off The TV

The TV can really drain time off you without realizing it. There are so many better things you can do than entertaining yourself with ‘celluloid’. You can even rather spend the time cleaning the house which, if done right, can seriously melt away the fat and allow your home to sparkle.


So there you go. You don’t have to overdo it when losing weight. Diets can be extremely painful both physically and emotionally and once you stop them the weight comes back anyway. Eat what you love - but try keep it in moderation and portion controlled and do the little things so that in no time your body will feel lighter and will be in better shape!


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