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The executive of the United States of America is encouraging federal agencies to ignore democrats’ oversight requests. This is being done to protect the President. Republicans are afraid that the information will be used against President Donald Trump. This news is according to republican sources both inside and outside the administration. During meetings with top officials, white house lawyers told the agencies to blow off such requests from the democrats.

The democrats have been complaining that their requests that have not been answered since January. It remains shocking to them that the Trump administration has not yet spoken about why their requests are being ignored.

It is also believed that the President already feels weighed down together with his entire administration. This is due to the attacks from the democrats and the media. Republican efforts are to try and stop the democrats from receiving new information that can be used to attack the president. It is very confusing and not easy to follow today’s politics. Why don’t you try out casinoaus mobile casinos? It is very entertaining and you are sure to win a lot of real money if you play well.

The policy of the White House was openly revealed to the public by the White House spokeswoman. She said that the policy is to pay attention to all the request of the chairmen. She also stated that this was to be done without favouring any particular political party. The question that still remains among the democrats, “if there is no partiality then why are the requests ignored”. It seems that the democrats have no chairman since the congress is run by the republicans.

The republicans argue that the Barack Obama and his administration did not respond to their petitions as well. With this, republicans are justifying their actions. However, Obama’s administration never encouraged agencies to stop attending to democrats and their requests.

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