• Written by Nicole Robertson


Gingers, rejoice! Our time has come! According to global reports, sperm donation collection companies are desperately calling for more specimens from those sporting literally the rarest and most spectacular genes on the planet – yep, you guessed it – gingers!

Sadly, sperm donor matching service Co-ParentMatch has reported that only two percent of their sperm donors are redheads, which isn’t even remotely close enough to supplying the growing demand of women hoping to have glorious ‘ranga’ children.

And according to a new survey by Australian company Buderim Ginger, Aussies are of a similar sentiment when it comes to ginger appreciation. According to the survey, while 37% of Australians are happy to let nature decide the fate of their offspring, a whopping 39% would be willing to date only a redhead in order to keep the ginger gene alive.

24.5% of Australians would even be willing to donate or use ginger sperm in order to support the cause.

Buderim Ginger – the people who first conceived the idea and have since brought Australia the annual Ginger Pride Rally that has seen thousands of redheads march through the streets of Melbourne each year in solidarity against bullying – is also pledging its support for the cause. The Australian company is donating a carton of Ginger Beer to every redhead that takes the first step to donating to a fertility clinic.

Proof of this can include anything from a confirmation email/letter, to a photo of the donor holding a pamphlet for a fertility clinic or even a selfie out the front of one (and of course proving that they are a ginger or redhead in the process).

Mark Henderson, Group Marketing Manager for Buderim Ginger says, “We’ve come a long way since 2011, when one of the world’s largest sperm donation banks, Cryos International, was actually turning away ginger donors.

“It’s no secret that gingers are often exposed to being teased for their hair and skin colour, experiencing prejudice since the beginning of time. Let’s use this call to action to further foster acceptance and diversity in the community, and give our copper-haired friends the celebration they deserve.”

To pledge your support by taking the first step to donate to your local fertility clinic go to:

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