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As technology advances, more and more businesses are opting for the convenience of cloud computing. In a nutshell, cloud technology allows you to store and access all your files and applications online rather than on a local server. As well as significantly cutting the costs associated with maintaining a traditional hardware infrastructure, the cloud enables you to secure your data, improve your business’s efficiency, and enjoy an unprecedented level of flexibility. Here are five ways that switching to the cloud can benefit your business:

Unified Communications

The majority of businesses use a variety of communication platforms to manage their day-to-day tasks, which can lead to lost information and an overwhelming number of systems to maintain. Cloud based unified communications (UC) enable businesses to have a single system in place to manage multiple tools, such as phone, video conferencing, voicemail, instant messaging, email, and fax. As well as making record-keeping infinitely easier, UC can be accessed by employees anywhere across any device, allowing remote workers to stay connected at the click of a button.


If your business has growing or fluctuating bandwidth needs, cloud-based services are the way to go. Traditional server upgrades are costly and require payment upfront, which isn’t ideal if you don’t know whether you’ll end up using all the space you’re purchasing. On the other hand, cloud services offer pay-as-you-go options so you’ll only ever pay for the space you require. If you find yourself needing some additional bandwidth, getting extra storage space is as simple as contacting your provider.

Enhanced Collaboration

The beauty of cloud-based services is that they enable businesses to create a central database of information, making collaboration between co-workers easier than ever. As long as your employees have access to an internet connection, they can access data to create, edit and share documents in real-time. This also eliminates the need for workers to send documents back and forth over lengthy email chains and makes it easier for people to share large files with each other.

Work from Anywhere

As the technology in our workplaces evolves, so too do working practices. According to a recent study, as much as 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day a week. Some companies are going fully remote, and using virtual offices for their physical address. Incorporating cloud-based services into your business means that your workers no longer have to be at their desks to complete tasks or even answer phone calls – with compatibility for mobiles, tablets, laptops and even wearables, incorporating cloud technology into your operations can help you create a workforce that’s more engaged than ever.

File Recovery

Be honest: how often do you remember to perform a manual backup of your work? If the answer is “not very often”, you’re putting yourself at risk of losing critical data in the event of a natural disaster, power failure, or network meltdown. Unfortunately, 58% of small businesses aren’t prepared for data loss. However, the cloud automatically backs up all of your data to a secure online server, so you can rest assured knowing that your files are safe and recoverable no matter what.

Cloud technology can bring a new level of convenience, security, and efficiency to your business. It’s the ultimate solution for storing and managing data securely and has the power to completely transform your workplace for the better. As well as opening your company up to flexible working arrangements, cloud technology makes communication and collaboration easy and can save you thousands of dollars in technology and server costs each year. There’s no time like the present to make the switch to cloud-based services!

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