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Whether youre starting your own small law consultancy, branding your individual persona, or beginning an offshoot business that requires a quick-fix brand, branding is time-consuming. In such scenarios, its not necessary to have an incredibly clever and distinctive brand; you just need a quick way to represent your business or persona, without the month of brainstorming and creative consultancies thatll drain your resources in an entirely unhelpful way. This article shows you how youll be able to cut corners to get a new brand up and running within a week, saving you time and money.


Swift Decision-Making

There are a few elements to brand creation that take a great deal of time to hone if youre designing by committee. If youre going about it alone, youll find that you can make some snap decisions thatll narrow down your scope and the work youll have to do in the long-run. Decide quickly on the following:


  • Your brand name

  • Your brand message and mission

  • Your color scheme

  • Your visual style and character

  • The ethos that your brand will run with into the future


You should be able to decide on these, with a little deliberation, in a little less than an hour. Of course theyre open to change further down the line, but at least youve already got something on paper with which to work.


Bypass Costly Design Experts

Heading at this stage in your brand journey to a conceptual designer, wholl be able to mock you up some sample designs, takes time and most importantly money. You may not be willing to part with a significant portion of cash presently, but in the future, you might see that a brand redesign is more worthwhile. For now, you want to bypass this process.

Happily, by using Oberlo’s free Logo Maker, you simply have to input your text and the design style youre looking for, and youll find that generating smart and professional logos takes as much time as it takes to make yourself a mug of coffee. There you are - brand logo done and dusted! Now, on to your brand ethos and how you present your marketing and online material.


The Extra Bits

By making a logo swiftly, youve already saved yourself a good amount of time that youd otherwise have wasted tossing up hundred of ideas that never make the cut. Now, on to the general style of your promotional and web material.

Youll want to create a stylesheet that you stick to at all times. What font should you use for all of your documentation? What font size for the body text, and what font size for subheadings and headings? How will you present information, and what colors will you inject into the mix to give your brand some excitement and zest?

Finally, what kind of website do you want to create to represent your company on the world wide web? Keep it simple and use a template provided by your hosting platform in order to finalize your brand as quickly and effortlessly as possible.


If youre efficient and shrewd, theres no reason that you cant enact the above within the space of a day or two - and then youll be ready to do the serious work of the business.

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