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  • Written by Sarah Williams

Choosing your first office space is thrilling. The excitement of finally setting up your own office is so satisfying. When you start scouting around to select your office space, there are so many factors to consider. Planning ahead of time and understanding every detail will put you in good stead in what to look for.

Choosing an office space can be very challenging, and your decision will have repercussions for your business. However, when it comes to office space Philadelphia you should take into account whether it is easily accessible. The office should fit your customer's needs and provide you with the facilities you require. There are vital factors to contemplate before choosing the perfect office space.

Office space is a pretty critical component of your startup’s success. Here are quick questions you should ask yourself before choosing an office space.

1.) Is it the right location?

Following this question, you should also ask, "Is the location convenient for clients, for me, and my employees? Does the office have the right environment and ambiance for your employees? Does it have a parking space?” A long and expensive commute may push your employees, clients, and suppliers to find employment or business elsewhere.

Hence, consider a place where it is convenient for everyone. Nobody wants to commute a long distance each day, so it is best to choose office space in Philadelphia that is centrally located. The types of businesses or organizations near you also matter. Check competitors or industries that may be similar to your business or work.

2.) Is it near a bank, convenience stores, post offices, and other necessary conveniences for you? Is the ambiance okay?

The ambiance is often overlooked, but it can have a significant effect on your image, reputation, and work productivity. When it concerns accessibility, you need to consider more than your ease of getting to the office. Everyone, including your suppliers, needs to be able to get to and access your office space when necessary.

One essential component of accessibility is taking into account whether your office space has parking for vehicles. It will be the primary method of everyone's transportation to get to your office. So, without parking space, it can lead to complicated issues. If you are located near conveniences that you use daily, it can save you time and money. It will make everyone happy and less stressed.

3.) Can You Afford It?

You need to check your budget all the time. What about all the additional expenses that come with renting your office space? Can you afford it? Affordability is one of the significant concerns when renting office space. You might want to compare other offices in the area to ensure that the price is reasonable. Think of other expenses like maintenance, cleaning, insurance, moving costs, and restoration.

Always give room for unexpected expenses. You will need to set aside extra money for other things in the future. Also, make sure to have the payment available for three months' rent to be sure that everything will be up to date. Some of the things may be included already, but the remaining expenses will be the responsibility of the leaseholder.

4.) Is it Going to Support Your Growth and Current Plans?

Will the available space support your current and future operations? When you are choosing your office space, consider both the present and future. We can’t be sure about the future and make it our sole consideration when planning for company growth. In other words, establish your business goals, too. Choose a space that is large enough and just right to accommodate you and your staff.

Finding the right commercial office can be affordable and easy. You need to be organized and always do some research on your plans. Plan ahead of time and make sure to have your clients, employees, and suppliers comfortable, happy, and healthy.

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