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Hygiene and cleanliness in commercial premises are very important. Not all commercial premises have the same purpose or the same nature. You can classify the process that will help in understanding the cleaning needs of the premises.

We will classify the premises according to different criteria so that the same commercial premises can represent in several sections.

Companies which provide services

There are many companies that sell cleaning services. Generally, these types of companies deal with more systematic cleaning, depending on the premises. They may need more cleaning. We find examples such as hairdressers, bars, and hotels. There are also businesses in which the facilities require a higher set-up than others due to the nature of their activities. If you want to have commercial cleaning services at your workplace, you can consider Commercial Cleaning Sydney as a good option.

Do they include the production phase?

Yes, if the commercial premises have the production phase inside, the cleaning tasks must be more systematic. We are referring to commercial premises of the type of dry cleaners with chemical products that require guidelines for their correct use.

Location of the commercial premises

Individual premises: this differentiation refers to the location of the premises. An individual store is an independent store that is located on the sides of the street. In this sense, cleaning companies include the conditioning of the outer perimeter of the premises.

Collective premises: it is considerable for the set of premises located in a building or commercial place. We find some examples in shopping centers, commercial galleries and, municipal markets. These premises are not exposed to weather conditions, street pollution, or other factors that may compromise the cleaning conditions of the premises. If you want to learn more about commercial cleaning, you can follow this guide to be aware of this.

Type of attention

Self-service: in commercial premises with the type of self-service, customers move freely throughout the premises in search of what they need or interested in the products offered. This type of premises with so much transfer requires greater cleaning.

Personalized attention: People do not swarm so much from one place to another, and it seems that the place becomes less dirty because there is not so much freedom of movement.

Commercial premises cleaning procedures

Starting from the specifications of the previous section. The different types of commercial premises from a perspective of the cleaning need their specifications and structure. Now you will see the procedure of commercial cleaning.

The daily routine of the cleaning company responsible for the maintenance of the premises would be:

Ventilation: the first thing is to renew the air, take care of the proper ventilation of the room to maintain a better environment. It is simply to renew the atmosphere to achieve a feeling of freshness and ensure the health of the air.

Sweeping: usually, cleaners use mops to sweep the floors of commercial premises to avoid dispersing the dust more with the conventional broom.

Cleaning of commercial premises

Emptying the wastebaskets of the premises: Throughout the opening hours, the premises accumulates a lot of waste. So the premises must dispose and empty the wastebaskets daily. It is very unpleasant to start a workday and have a full bin in the morning.

Vacuuming of carpets: If the place has carpets, this would be the moment of its aspiration. Using a powerful machine ensures the correct aspiration of impurities, especially in those commercial premises that tend to accumulate them. The effect would be very bad. It is more convenient to clean carpets from time to time.

Cleaning toilets of the commercial premises: Although many of the commercial premises do not have free access to the toilet for their customers. They must always be polite. Customers may need to use them. Therefore, we must ensure that the toilets are in perfect hygienic conditions. Otherwise, it becomes a place that can create a source of infection if it has poor cleaning. It is necessary to clean the toilets and maintain hygiene.

Final floor scrubbing of the commercial premises: the final part of the daily cleaning routine is the floor scrubbing. It is good to use appropriate products that do not generate waste and are respectful of the materials. It is necessary to make special incidence in the part of the entrance. This would give a spectacular and appealing look, and invite people to enter the place. From time to time, it depends on the needs of the floor. Polishing or waxing is convenient, depending on the type of soil in that place. Do not forget that proper periodic maintenance can avoid many subsequent problems.

Other cleaning tasks for premises

Cleaners have a daily cleaning routine of the commercial places. Besides, we find other necessary tasks to guarantee exceptional cleaning conditions. Such conditions contribute to the maintenance of the fixtures that make up the premises.

Local lamps: perhaps the monthly cleaning would be enough. As we said before, it also depends on the nature of the business or the atmosphere of the place.

Warehouse of the commercial premises: this cleaning is very important because it also includes issues that affect the safety of the worker in the working environment. Further, they are related to the Occupational Risk Prevention Law. The corridors must be clean. The environment must be clean and you should allow fresh air with the non-existent dust. It depends on the movement of people. For a place with a medium movement, it may be correct to perform a couple of times a week.

Dust cleaning on the furniture: it is one of the actions that have more visibility at the time it is not cleaned. It is highly noticeable that it is not clean. Especially, if it is a store in which its products are placed on exhibitors. It generates a negative impact when taking a hat from a shelf with a layer of dust. The customer will immediately leave the store without touching anything else. Every day, you should clean the dust in commercial premises, both the furniture and the products. The counter is an important point in this task. Later you cannot neglect it. It is a place of compulsory passage for many people. So you must show a good image of the costumers.

Showcases and crystals or mirrors: crystals are a very important part of the image of a store. It is where it exposes the genre to the public. It is the visible part. Anyone can see this who passes through the street. Therefore, you must clean the windows. It is not a cleaning task to do every day but to clean it whenever it gets dirty.


Commercial clean is all about the clean commercial environment. Shops, malls, institutions, offices, etc. have to be cleaned all the time to have a better atmosphere. Some companies take responsibility to clean all the environment in the commercial areas and remove all the trash. On the other hand, the answer is no when commercial premises do not include the production phase. The cleaning tasks for the conditioning of the facilities are not as complex as in the previous case. The premises acts as an intermediary between the consumer and the wholesaler or distributor.

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