• Written by Elise Hendriksen

The latest findings from Roy Morgan research show that 732,000 Australian women 14+ (or 7% of the female population) buy women’s sportswear in any given four weeks, spending an average of $74.


Angela Smith, Group Account Director, Roy Morgan Research, says “gone are the days when a baggy tracksuit would suffice for sporting pursuits: these days, exercise is almost as much a fashion statement as a physical activity.”


Active wear brand Liquido are one shining example of global success with the growing trend towards colourful, functional fitness fashion.


Their loyal fan-base on social media boasts 74,900 Instagram followers and 21,000 Facebook followers. To understand how the brand built their following and continue to thrive as a business, we’ve identified four areas of business where Liquido are triumphing.


Four Pillars Of Business That Drive Liquido’s Success:


  1. Exceptional Social Media


Entire businesses have been made and broken on social media, so getting the basics right is essential. As avid Instagram users, Liquido’s photography is top notch and in line with their active, fun, fit and socially conscious ethos. A yoga brand at heart, founded by yogi Renata Facchini, Liquido’s social media accounts are full of colourful poses set to a natural backdrop, with trending hashtags and give-aways of their coveted active wear.


  1. Exclusivity


We all want to avoid the awkwardness of turning up to a party wearing the same outfit. With yoga classes no longer a sea of monochrome, Liquido’s release of new prints each and every month, reduce the chances of two people turning up to the same class in the same print leggings and allow customers to express their unique style. All Liquido leggings are all limited edition, creating exclusivity and rarity, raising the value to the customer. New prints are launched every month, bringing customers to the website with greater regularity .  


  1. Benevolent Capitalism – Doing less harm to create more and have a sustainable future


The heart of Liquido beats strong, with their goal to do as little harm as possible and contribute to a positive and sustainable future. Sweatshop free production practices, fair wages and respect for employees underpin everything they do.


All employees are treated with respect and tolerance, paid above the industry standard, provided with health insurance and offered 30 days of vacation.


Liquido fosters a diverse workforce, and has instated a Handicap Employee Program, where those with disabilities are provided with jobs. Beyond Liquido’s commitment to its employees’ healthy work life, the company is also committed to using energy-saving machinery, maintaining a stringent recycling program, and partnering only with production sites that match their high standards.

  1. A Great Product


You can be great at marketing, but if you don’t have a great product it won’t matter. The best products sell themselves and Liquido are no exception. With feedback from customers saying that the leggings are addictive, silky soft and provide the perfect stretch, they are quickly selling out of each Limited edition print that is launched.


Liquido pride themselves on offering high quality, bold activewear that will foster confident and strong women. All leggings are buttery soft with a stretch that will never let you down, made with Active LYCRA® Fibre Technology, 50+ UVA/UVB protective, quick-drying and durable and most importantly, produced sweatshop-free.


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