• Written by Jeff Poe
Latest research out of the UK suggests one in four (25 per cent) employees are suffering with financial problems that are so severe that they are affecting their performance in the workplace, new figures have revealed.

"According to Jeff Poe, owner of one of Australia's leading accounting and financial training organisations, Platinum Professional Training, finding the right job should involve a number of considerations, not just salary."

"Don't get another job just because you want a higher salary.   This normally ends in disaster for the worker and the employer. 

"If you are already facing financial pressures at home, adding to them with a job you don't like is just going to compound the problem.   And if you are struggling in a job you don't like, chances are you are not going to keep it. 

"Take your time to find the right job. 

"Follow three simple steps:

.  When you job search, make sure any prospective job involves the skills you are strong in and provides scope to keep learning,

.  Do your research and find out what the organisation is like to work for.  Talk to current and past employees, and

.  Ensure you understand the targets and performance requirements of the job.   These need to be reasonable and achievable.   If you don't achieve them, you won't have a job for long, or you'll find yourself under immense stress and pressure. 

"Once you identify the type of job you would like to pursue, take time to acquire the necessary additional training and skills required to land the ideal job. 

"Degrees are considered pre-requisite requirements for many organisations.   Hands on and practical training such as the training we provide assists job seekers to get the edge they need in the job market.

"A job that is the right fit, should meet a range of personal requirements including salary.    When this happens, you enjoy the job, perform well and get paid well.

“If you do end up moving into a job you don’t like, be careful not to “rage-quit” the role.   Recruiters always prefer someone already working in a job over someone who doesn’t have a job. It is  one of those behavioural biases, where people prefer something that is desired by others, and will avoid things that others don’t want. People who have been retrenched know this the hard way."

Platinum Professional Training provides a range of training programs including online courses such as Certificate IV Booking and Certificate IV Accounting courses for job seekers seeking to expand their level of practical experience.    

Jeff Poe

CEO, Platinum Professional Training

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