4 Ways To Make Your Vape Even Better

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With the growing popularity of e-cigarettes, more and more people are taking up regular or casual vaping. The e-liquid usually contains vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol or a combination of both, along with nicotine to give you an authentic vaping experience. If you've decided to take up vaping, then you'll want to find new ways to make it even better than you imagined. Here are some ways to help:

Invest In A Worthwhile Vaporiser

If you're really looking for a good experience, then it may be worthwhile investing in a good vaporiser. Consider the following:

  • A poorly performing or faulty vaporiser will reduce the satisfaction you get from vaping

  • Knock off products are available at throw-away prices, but they will unlikely provide a smooth vaping experience – you get what you pay for

  • Upgrade your device by purchasing compatible accessories to make the vaping experience even more exciting – changing the drip tip, for example, can transform your vaping experience for the better

You don't have to spend a fortune on a high-quality e-cigarette, but a knock-off product is just not worth it when you're looking for a good vaping experience.

Ensure Your Battery Is Properly Charged Before Every Vape

The last thing you want while you vape is to deal with a battery that is too low or that dies in the middle. Not only will you have to start afresh but your vaping experience will feel miserable. Dying batteries while mid vape are more common than you think. Consider the following:

  • Recharge the battery after every vape to keep it properly charged while stored until your next time – this ensures that your vaping experience is not hampered by a dead or dying battery

  • Recharge the battery to protect it from going completely dead as it gets damaged faster that way

  • Recharge the battery to full capacity during every charge attempt to ensure longevity of its shelf life

You don't want an interrupted vaping experience so make sure you charge the battery ahead of every attempt. Recharging batteries will also help to protect them from premature damage. Always check the battery terminals to ensure a proper power connection with the device.

Use Only Good Quality E-Liquid

You can buy e-liquid from several places, but you must ensure that you get a good quality version for a satisfying vaping experience. You don't want to skimp out on quality because you could end up hating the vape, which is exactly what you don't want. Consider the following:

  • Check that the e-liquid is sold in Australia by a reputed seller and made by a reputed manufacturer

  • Choose flavours that you will genuinely enjoy and not what others are recommending based on their own experiences

  • Avoid mixing e-liquid flavours on your own and leave it to the professionals otherwise it could end up taking awful and leave a bad taste in your mouth

The quality of e-liquid can be compromised if you choose a cheap version or try to mix different flavours on your own. If you want a combination of flavours, leave it to the professionals but always go with a reputed company for quality assurance.

Make Sure The E-Cigarette Is Clean

Nothing ruins your vaping experience faster than a dirty e-cigarette so make sure you clean it regularly. Vapour, dirt and plenty of other elements could get into the device and compromise the vaping experience, so consider the following:

  • *  Make sure the e-cigarette and all parts are given a thorough wipe down after every vape – especially when you are changing flavours

  • Open up the tubes, clearomiser and battery terminals to remove any particles that have found their way into them

  • Keep the e-cigarette in a cool, dry place away from moisture to keep it as clean as possible

In order to improve your vaping satisfaction, you need to make sure the device is cleaned and kept safely. This is important to help you enjoy the best vaping experience whether you use the same or a different e-liquid flavour.


While the experience and satisfaction you get from vaping will depend on your personal preferences, some tips can help to make it much better. Different types of e-cigarettes are available to suit different tastes and lifestyles; so go with what is right for you.



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