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What is your idea of an incredible New Zealand adventure? Whether you like the city life that Auckland and Wellington have to offer, or are more a fan of the country road trip, there are many outstanding options for a good holiday in New Zealand.

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Are You a Surfer?

If you haven't visited the small surfer town of Raglan, you are missing a treat. Raglan and the nearby Manu Bay are absolute gems for surfers and beach goers alike. Even if these aren't at the top of your list, the unique beauty of the area and the charming & friendly demeanor of the town make it a great spot to visit and get away from the rush of larger cities for a while.

Auckland Bridge Climb

Then again if finding a bit of adventure in the middle of a city sounds more like your ideal New Zealand adventure, then Auckland has quite the experience for you! The Auckland Bridge Climb is a guided tour to the top of the Auckland Bridge, a full 67 metres above the river. There is a bungee jump experience at the top, allowing incredible views as well as an adrenaline rush down towards the river before bouncing back up.

Road Trip

There are so many great potential road trip routes out there. There are created tours, road trips, and blogs about road tripping on virtually every major highway on the Southern Island in addition to the popular road between Auckland and Wellington that shows off some of the most beautiful land in the entire nation. This means there are plenty of great options for having a road trip to truly remember.

South Island East Coast

The South Island East Coast stands out on its own not only because it is one of the outstanding natural drives in the entire country, but because there are many outstanding national parks and other popular tourist sites all along the road that runs up and down this scenic route. This is above and beyond even many other popular routes and there is an impressive array of different styles of holiday that can be planned around this road.

Milford Sound

Whether you've been there once before or not, going to visit Milford Sound is never a bad choice. The number one tourist destination in New Zealand by far, this was once called "The Eighth Wonder of the World" by author Rudyard Kipling, this gorgeous area is the main attraction of Fiordland National Park, which is truly saying something based on the beauty of every single section of this area.

There isn't a list of things to do in New Zealand that doesn't include Milford Sound, and the long and winding roads to get there make for an adventurous travel experience that you will not soon forget.

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