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The old saying ‘look good feel good’’ is true. Our dressing speaks volumes about us more than we think. There is a psychological theory behind the impact of dressing and fashion in shaping our perspective and the perspective of people who are around us. For instance, what would be your first impression of someone dressed well in a perfectly shaped suit?

It is undoubtedly safe to say that you will be forced to form a good judgment about that person or perhaps want to copy the same dressing style. Not only that but also you will feel obliged to treat him/her with more respect. The latter impression and gesture may sound lame but we can’t unsee or ignore human capacity to judge, praise and be intimidated by good clothing. It's innately within us to praise and prefer what looks good to the eye. Good dressing with up to date accessories make you stand out amidst a crowd, it boosts your confidence when you are praised for your clothing and fashion. Nowadays people are using different retail websites consisting of both clothing and accessories, looking for men’s bags Australia has to offer.

Besides clothing, the role of fashion accessories is worth mentioning as well because they equally play an impact on completing your whole outfit. Fashion accessories are different in style for men and women. Gone are the times when people thought that accessories were an area limited to only women. In today’s era, men are equally interested in carrying fashion bags, wearing watches and even jewelry as women are.

The most stereotypical thinking is against men in handbags or normal bags. But times have changed now. Bags are the most important and practical of all the fashion accessories. Its importance owes to the fact that it gives you space to carry your on the go things around while complementing your outfit and keeping your looks good.

There are usually designers whose sole focus is to study and design handbags. Then they use this information and knowledge to create bags while studying their purposes and styles that are well suited to the needs of both men and women. Following we have discussed what aspects to look for while buying men’s bags.

Match It With Your Personality

Firstly, always match your bag with your most of the outfits and your dressing style whether it is casual, semi-casual or formal. You can take a cue from your clothes to speculate on the kind of bag that would go with your wardrobe. Those days are in the past now when leather briefcases were particularly for offices and not elsewhere. Now men carry briefcases not just to offices only, they use them casually as well. The material of the bag should be premium because it gives the right outlook to your whole look. Given a choice between canvas or premium material, do not just go for the premium. Instead, always opt for what goes with your style and how you are supposed to use it. For instance, if you are a student canvas would be ideal for you instead of premium leather as you’d be using your bag casually and roughly.

Opting for the Right Color

Secondly when it comes to men’s bags, understanding the importance of color is very crucial. Bags with a touch of boldness and crazy patterns are undoubtedly a good choice but due to lack of knowledge about the choice of right colors, men often make fashion and color blunders. To avoid this from happening it is suggested that one should opt for basic colors first and then try the crazy stuff to experiment with their bag choices. This involves that you have shades of tans, navy, black before any other color. Once you have understood the color functioning with basic colors, you can further take it to the next well and experiment with bold colors and patterns.


Thirdly, one ought to know about when to use to which bag i.e. bag respectively to the scenario. Practicality and comfort should be your top priority besides fashion. For example, if the bag you like doesn’t have straps in it but you like the look of the bag and you know it can’t be used where you want to use it, then you are wasting your money. When it comes to men’s bag one should keep in mind the utility factor and then the look of it. Men must carry a lot of stuff around, so they should buy bags that can address their utility rights.


One should keep in my mind when it comes to buying a real leather bag. There is a lot of hype when it comes to buying real leather. It’s not as expensive as people think. You don’t have to sell your house or property or car to buy a real leather bag. All you need to know is that there are websites that sell leather bags that most men prefer at affordable prices. You can also go for pre-owned leather bags as well or you may also go for non-branded online websites like eBay etc.

Organizing Stuff

It is all about finding a bag that fits your daily life essentials. Men are pro at organizing and compartmentalizing the area. It’s this innate knowledge that they can use to organize stuff in their bags. For professionals, it is essential that they should go for bags that have extra storage for files and documents, also one should look for side pockets as they are very handy when it comes to reaching out to the things that we need on urgent basis like water bottle, tissues, etc.

Care & Maintenance

Care and maintenance of bags shall never be neglected. It’s easier to spend money and getting your desired bag, but the life of bag is in your hands. It can prolong the life of your bag to years. Especially those people who carry exorbitant and imported bags, it becomes even more necessary to take care of your product. You can take care of your bags by brushing them, or giving them a wash. You can also use conditioners to keep your leather bags intact.

Bulk up or De junk

This means burdening your bag with a lot of stuff. Stuffing your bags with more than their capacity greatly reduces the life of bags and results in quick and early damaging of bags before the guaranteed time. That’s why it’s important to de-junk your bag every week.


When you dress good and receive appreciation or good remarks about what you are wearing and the accessories that you have paired up your dress with, you naturally start to feel good about yourself. Not just that, it also boosts your self-esteem. Dressing and keeping your wardrobe maintained is an act of civilization and organization as Tom Ford puts it “dressing well is a form of good manners”.

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