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  • Written by Arina Thoggy

I was not at all familiar with this massive and complex scientific word known as ‘Binge eating disorder’ until I attended my best friend’s birthday party five months ago!! Well, the reason behind such a statement is that it was on that evening my another pal suddenly exclaimed while looking at me ‘Oh! Man, I think it’s nothing but the Binge eating disorder that is happening with you !’


I felt quite embarrassed and kept my plate down which I was holding in my hand. And, it was mounted with some burgers, french fries, cake and so on!! Although, I didn’t exactly understand what he was trying to say but yes! I certainly got the point that it was something about my ‘endless munching on’ habit!


Moreover, it would not be the truth If I say that I was not aware of the fact that I used to eat comparatively more than the people around me usually. Still, I was reluctant about realizing the actuality from the bottom of my heart and the ‘FOOD’ was always something mandatory for me!


Also, I was crazy about eating more and more to such an extent that I simply used to ignore all the fatigue, ugly belly bulges, excessive sleeping tendency and other disturbing attributes in myself!


But, yes! At that very moment when he made such a comment I questioned myself ‘Am I suffering from any disease?’ And, that question was continuously haunting me until I reached home. Then, after I unlocked my door, the first thing I did was to Google out what is the meaning of Binge eating disorder?


And, my computer screen was scaring me off while displaying that ‘It is a mental disorder which is all about eating abnormally more.' But, I promised myself that I would be normal soon!!


After that night, I consulted with my friends, got an appointment with a dietitian, read a lot about how to overcome such a disorder and what not! Finally, after all these, I got a clear conception that ‘YOGA’ is something that can help me out!! To buy perfect yoga outfit, you can use promo code from couponsmonk.


The beginning of chapter ‘Yoga’ in my life


I made Yoga a major part of my life. I can confidently say that since that time I never missed doing Yoga every morning till date. And, I must say that it helped me a lot! I can claim that the research studies regarding the benefits of Yoga for eating disorders certainly make sense.


Yoga helped me to relish the significant perks which are mentioned underneath:


  • * Enough space to focus on my body.

  • * It relieved me from all tensions.

  • * I was able to feel reconnected with my body.

  • * A feeling of intense self-control over my freakish eating habits.

  • * I was more active and lively.

  • * I lost a weight of almost 10 pounds in 15 days!


Wondering how do eating disorders and Yoga philosophy connect?


Eating disorders can be of different types where people might start overeating ( Exactly what happened with me!) or sometimes too less. In both the scenarios, the individual’s mind stop thinking logically about body-weight, looks, food intake, etc. (Again, that’s what happened with me!).


In fact, people with eating disorders suffer from a constant state of physical stress which in-turn lead them to become a host of dangerous medical consequences like heart-muscle deterioration, loss of bone density, aberrant weight gain or loss and so on.


But, it has been proven by scientific researches that yoga and meditation reduce such physiological stress while decreasing the sympathetic nervous system activation. Also, it enhance the activities of such part of the brain which is responsible for confidence, mental flexibility, etc.


Further, when yoga comes into the picture then it teaches us to develop an authentic self beyond our physical body.


Words of wisdom for those in ‘Eating Disorders’ boat


Yes! You should certainly opt for Yoga if you are suffering from any eating disorder but don’t overdo it because that might lead to be harmful for you. You can find best deals on couponsmonk as well.


So, just maintain a balanced eating habit with yoga and be hale and hearty always!


About Author:


Arina Thoggy is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

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