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Just like the other systems in our body, the circulatory system plays a major role in order for us to survive and to function well. Known as the body system that moves blood to the parts of the body, this is composed of heart, capillaries, arteries and veins. They transport oxygenated blood from the lungs and heart to the rest of the body by the arteries. These blood goes to the capillaries, then goes back to the lungs and heart, already depleted from oxygen, by means of the veins. Moreover, circulatory system nurtures and strengthens every single cell in the body.

With these crucial functions, maintaining the best of its health is very vital. Unfortunately, if we do not eat the right kinds and amounts of foods and live an unhealthy lifestyle, we will suffer from having a poor circulation. Arteries can be clogged and ruptured because of fat buildup which results from having a poor diet. Furthermore, a poor circulation can also weaken the cells in our body, each of them gradually break down.

What are the Signs of Having a Poor Circulation?

According to Doctor. Ho, here are the signs that your body experiences insufficient and poor circulation:

  • Inadequate energy and over-all fatigue everyday
  • Experiencing numb, tingling or cold sensations especially in the hands and feet
  • Less desire to eat
  • Unfathomable cramps and aching feeling in the leg area
  • Swelling in some body parts
  • Noticeable discoloration of the skin
  • Experiencing leg ulcers
  • Healing of minor cuts and scratches are longer than the usual
  • High blood pressure
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Pain in the calf

If any of these symptom manifests in you especially on a regular basis or interval, there is a big chance that you are having blood circulation problems. To prevent this, drinking vitamin supplements that strengthens our circulatory system is very vital. Also, there are many natural ways to ensure that you will get better from poor circulation, or else, worse conditions can occur if these symptoms were neglected.

What are some of the Natural Ways to Help Improve the Blood Circulation?

There are various ways that can help us to improve and strengthen our circulatory system, which also creates effect on how our blood circulates to our body, of course. Here are some of the natural ways to achieve it:

  1. Consume tea

Teas are known to have richness in antioxidants like the flavonoids, polyphenols and catechins that can help our arteries expand, increasing the blood flow and to better transport the oxygen to various areas in the body. Aside from white, green and black teas, you can look for an all-natural tea that is specially formulated for the improvement of the blood flow.

  1. Eat foods that are rich in Iron

Iron is a very important element that contributes in blood to better transport oxygen in the body. Get rid of iron deficiency by eating iron-rich foods like red meat, lentils, whole grains and various green and leafy vegetables. Drinking iron supplement can be a great help as well.

  1. Eat Fruits

Consuming fruits can be another way to make our blood circulation always in good shape. Many fruits like the citruses are rich in Vitamin C, which is also known as natural thinner of blood. Furthermore, eating fruits with high fiber content can contribute to a stronger capillary walls and decreased chances of having circulation problems.

  1. Avoid foods with high saturated fats

One of the factors of circulation problems is that a fat buildup happens in the arteries and other parts of the circulatory system, causing the clogs that makes it harder for the circulatory parts to transport blood and nutrients to other body parts. Consuming foods with less saturated fats will help your heart to function normally and not pump harder. Moreover, choosing leaner meat can aid in our arteries to become clear from those unnecessary fats.

  1. Always choose to wear the right clothing

Compression clothing not only make us uncomfortable, but it also affect our body’s blood circulation because it hinders the regular blood flow for a certain period of time. To keep yourself in great shape, consider what you are wearing. Think about the other parts of your body if they can still perform their tasks comfortably.

  1. Keep Track of your Weight

Another bad news especially for the overweight individuals: your weight has a direct affect on your heart. The larger you are, the harder for the blood to travel through the bloodstreams, which also hardens your heart because it has to exert more effort to pump blood to the body resulting in worse conditions in your blood circulations. You must ensure that you have the healthy weight to also keep the blood circulation healthy.

There are many ways you can do to keep your circulatory system healthy and strong. Any part of it is not meant to compromise.

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